Thursday, August 09, 2012

Our upcoming family trip to Bangkok, Thailand

Noboru got his asked for time off from work for August like we had hoped. As most of you know the plan was to head to Honolulu. We haven’t been there since this March and we did kind of want to hang out there a bit more. However Noboru’s coworker had went to Bangkok Thailand 2nd week of July with his wife and kids (a week after we got back from Guam). And he came back absolutely raving about it. He’s a friend of Noboru’s and he kept telling him, you should go there, it’s so much fun, there’s so much to see. Noboru mentioned it to me 3rd week of July. Sounded totally fun to me and the boys. Especially after Noboru relayed all the stories his coworker had said.
All of the markets and also the night markets, a shoppers paradise. Fresh fruit stands everywhere. Food stalls along roads. All of the bargaining and bartering we could do while shopping. And with the yen being so strong we feel we can even even better bargains.
Also while they do have huge amounts of great food and culture to soak in and yes we plan to eat and try many new things. Coconut ice-cream here we come! They also have KFC, Tony Romas, Subway, Dairy Queen and Cold Stone. We even hear they have DQ at the airport! So either way, local foods or western they seem to have plenty.
We have never been there before any of us and we are really looking forward to it as a family. Our hotel has been booked since the last week of July. We’re staying at the Delta crew hotel, where they stay in Bangkok. And we’ve basically been quietly researching all the fun things to do and see for our upcoming trip!
So in about 2 weeks from now that’s where we will be.