Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Summer fun, what we've been up to this past week

Branden and Noah go back to school first week of September some time. So we still have the rest of this month to enjoy Summer.  What have we been up to? Playing Uno 3 times a week all Summer long. Playing the board game Sorry! Bbq'ing like crazy. Paddling pool in the backyard, slip n slide, water guns. The boys have been bike riding with friends. Just typical kid stuff. : )  This day in this picture, we had a yakiniku type of  bbq out in the backyard again. This sauce is so good to marinate the meat with. And great as a dipping sauce also.
Noboru grilling. And Noah coming back from the rice fields with net in hand. : )
Veggies and the corn on the top level. We've been eating corn almost every night since it's in season and cheap where we live but this night only Branden wanted a corn. Branden loves roasted corn with butter salt and pepper.
A bowl of fresh cantaloupe, a small plate of fresh grapes. Lettuce leaves for wrapping out meat and rice with. Kimchi. Noboru was out grilling his beef.
Hi kiddo, enjoying your summer Noah?
Hi Mr. Dimples. Enjoying your corn, I see. ; )
There's the beef on the other plate.
One fast pic before dinner.
Choco crunch. This is an omiyage (present) from the grandma next door. They went on their Summer vacation to Shizuoka.  Also, 2 Summer's ago they rode in an airplane for the first time and went to Hokkaido, very cool! I was so happy for them! : ) And last year they went to the onsen. She's knows so much about onsen and I often ask her things about onsen. She's my "go to gal" for anything and everything onsen.  She said they had a really good time this year. They went for 2 nights. They took the boys (her grandsons, the boy next door and little brother) to a museum or something and they really enjoyed that. Good for them! I enjoyed hearing her story. She's my good pal the grandma next door. I think she's such an amazing lady.  She has no idea we are going to Thailand but I can't wait to find her something nice from Thailand. Omiyage type gift.
Cucumber crazy! Our 1 plant has been working overtime each day we have about 3-4 of them. We cut them off eat them in salads and whatnot. And the next day more grow. First few weeks they were great. But now to be honest 4 every other day is getting to be a bit much.  Everything in moderation you know.  Lucky for me, the grandma next door is not growing cucumbers this year so I can give half to her. But by now, I'm sure she's as tired of them as we are. : ) Good thing we only planted 1 cucumber plant this season. We will probably pull him out of the ground before heading to Bangkok. We'd hate to come back and have 100 cucumbers waiting for us the size of baseball bats. @_@ Ha ha ha. Okay, okay probably wouldn't happen but wouldn't that be wild if it did. : )  So one more week for Mr. Cucumber plant. The zucchini on the other hand was killed by typhoon 5. So we had better plant more zucchini plants next year. : (
French toast for the boys one morning. I also make them omelets, I also made, them banana pancakes at home, Noboru loved them also! My breakfast for me on the other hand.... usually consists of yogurt and cantaloupe though. Ha ha ha.
Let's see, what else have I been up to since I last blogged. I am slowly slowly getting the boys ready for the upcoming Fall/Autumn weather and Winter weather. I's still Summer outside and all. Honestly yes it does feel weird looking for winter type stuff now but..... I know....I can get the US back to school deals now if I get them early since the kids go to school earlier then we do here. So saving money is 1 big reason why I shop early. And also I want to get the best selection before it all sells out also.  I also only buy when they have 30% off sales. And if you see here, this super winter puffer vest in size xl for Branden. Love the yellow color. Also bought one for Noah also in yellow. And saved a little over $10 bucks per vest, so I felt pretty happy about that and I was glad to get that great yellow color.  I think you can see the top I ordered for both the boys below a pinch, it's so cute.  
Rain coat, Noah's still fits him (that cute yellow and orange striped one)..... plus he inherits that size 7 Curious George one from Branden also.  But this one was so cute in yellow and it's lined and so with the 30% off we got this for him in the next size up. Branden also got this raincoat. in size 12.  Even though Branden is 10 and a half. So he can get about two full years usage from it.  So...yep slowly getting the boys Fall and Winter ready in teeny tiny bits so far.... check.
Playing in the paddling pool in the backyard.  A great way for the boys to keep cool and have some splish splashing fun. I have been going outside with them, and chit chatting with them while they play.
Hi kiddos!
For a paddling pool this is a great size, they have a lot of room to play around.
I made one round pizza and one hand tossed that could fit on the rectangular pan.  A nice crisp crust and just a nice quiet night for us.
Our family goes through so much yogurt in a week, it's not even funny. : ) I personally eat it for breakfast every morning and also have some fresh fruit as a side dish. But the boys love yogurt also.
Branden wanted to make the last pack of peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip bars.
I did allow myself one of these bad boys and boy were they great! Noboru and the boys finished these off quickly!
What else have I been doing since last time. I took every single thing out of the fridge. Wiped everything down. Took out each level/piece of the fridge and washed them in hot soapy water. Dried them and put everything back. Discarded any old or outdated bottles/sauces.
Branden vacuumed the kitchen floor for me, Noah wiped down the baseboards and I mopped the heck out of the kitchen floor with hot soapy water.
The orange clean was from wiping down the tiles, the backsplash behind the stove area.
One squeaky clean kitchen floor. Just a clean kitchen. It  really does seem like an endless job, kitchens in general, they get dirty.... clean it...get dirty again...clean it again. : ) But keeping it clean, I must.  Grumble grumble. : )  But am always happy after it's done.
OMG! Has anybody tried these? You all know the koala cookies right? But these are like soft cake like sandwiches with the most delicious chocolate cream inside.  These were a nice dessert treat that lasted a few days.
What else have we been eating? Just regular stuff, yakisoba, curry, homemade pizza. But this night we had fajitas. With rice, salsa sour cream cheese, lettuce, tortillas.
Chicken breast and onion and bellpeppers for the boys and I. And Noboru prefers dark meat so I made another pan of chicken with thigh meat.
What's this. Jeans. For the upcoming Fall/Winter weather for Branden and Noah. We love the elastic waists they have in Japan. Branden got 3 pair, 2 lighter denim/antique or something like that. And 1 darker denim. And Noah got 1 light color and 1 darker color. With 5 days a week at school, 3 pair is a great start for Branden. and 2 pair is a great start for Noah. Next month, I'll pick up Noah 2 pair and Branden 1 more pair. 4 pair each is more then enough. Again, at least it's a start in the right direction. : ) And heck if we find some jeans in Bangkok that would be terrific too.  Let's see anything else....Oh yes...
Noah tested and reached a level 5 in swimming.  Well done cutie pie. : )
Anything else....we are bbq'ing again today. But today we are having teriyaki chicken on the grill. So that will be tonight's dinner. The boys will either be playing with the paddling pool yet again or the slip n slide yet again.... we'll see what they decide later this afternoon. And I'm making those lemonade cupcakes as soon as I publish this. : )
And yep, I am still working out. In the Fall and Spring I enjoy taking walks outside in the nice fresh air as a way to get my exercise. But with the heat and humidity of Summer outside in Japan and that almost roasting feeling mixed with a pinch of steam room/sauna almost type feeling, I've been using my treadmill for the brunt of my exercise in the coolness of the house. And I also mix in some Zumba and Just Dance when the mood strikes. But at least I'm still at it. Over a year and a half and still at it. Yay me! : )

Alrighty, Noboru is back from his morning of fishing (from just down the road). And I see him wheeling the bbq out. I should probably go outside and say "hi" and see what's up. So that's all for now.