Thursday, August 02, 2012

Enjoying more of our Summer with bbq ribs and more water gun fun!

This pic was taken last Sunday the day after the Summer festival and dashi pull.... along our way from our country town to Narita city to get our ribs for the next days bbq. 1kg each rack of baby back ribs so each rack of ribs were huge and so meaty! I like this pic of the boys in front of the field of sunflowers!
The day after the pic up above with the sunflowers. These were pics from Monday's bbq. The boys once again playing with water guns. A perfect way for them to keep cool and run around the yard.
Noboru starting up the grill, this smells so good always! Had the boys go inside at this point and change into some dry clothes. We meanwhile put the ribs on the grill.
Grilling up nicely!
Brushed on the bbq sauce.
Just about time to pull off the grill!
Noboru's rack were still in the bbq because he likes his cooked less then ours. So he cooked his on the top tier of the bbq. His was done about 5 minutes after ours though.
1kg of baby back ribs for Noah! Too big to even fit on the plate. We did cut them in half so they fit on the plate normally. But this pic is to just get an idea how huge these were.
Noah ready to dig right in! : )
Branden also ready to enjoy!
And my serving. We keep our bbq's superly simple at our house. No 6-8 course meals to be found here. Just usually baked potato or rice and some veggie, this night we had salad and a super simple salad at that. : ) Again we bbq *a lot* in summer so it makes sense for us to keep the meals super easy. Anyway this in our bbq from this Monday at our house. : )