Monday, July 23, 2012

The upcoming "haunted" elementary school, some new movies and books from Amazon and a last day of school pizza party

Our local elementary school is having an "exploring at night" walk through the school hosted by the "Father's Club" It is taking place this coming Friday. How did this come about? Well, the last Father's Club meeting, the guys were eating and drinking with the male teachers and principal. And Noboru brought up, you know how in Japan it's common to say, some ghost is in the bathrooms at school. Or in the science room. All the men began to laugh, "oh yeah we used to say there was a lady in the restrooms." "Yes us too!" Even though like Noboru comes from Osaka originally and some father's come from all over Japan, they all still had the same more or less types of stories going around. As the night wore on, Noboru said...we should make a "walk through" for the kids. "Yeah let's do it" they said and  many said "let's scare them!" "Yes let's scare them!" @_@ And so...the "Father's Club" idea for the kids in our local school can walk through at night. With flash light. And maybe a few father's lurking around trying to jump out and give someone a scare! : ) Anyway, Noboru is at a "Father's Club" meeting right now, it started at 6pm and they are doing last minute top secret scare plans for the kids. Since Noboru will be "working"/volunteering at the school. I will be doing the walk through with the boys this coming Friday. @_@ My heart is beating already. : ) Good ol' country fun! A Haunted elementary school basically. Sounds fun. : )  Yep, our school is a little bit different, ha ha ha. Fun though.
I wanted to order 3 movies from Amazon. The Sitter, with Jonah Hill. And 21 Jump Street also with Jonah Hill. And "Gone" not with Jonah Hill, lol.....anyway looks so good, we are going to see "Gone" tonight Noboru and I after the boys go to sleep tonight. We saw 21 Jump Street, we loved it. And the Sitter was hilarious. I remember the TV movie with Fred Savage and Candace Cameron, "No One Would Tell" it was good, and since I was ordering those 3 already,. I just went and threw it in that one also.
Noboru also bought me 2 books to read for the Summer. Plus that one we bought in Guam. I started the Kris Jenner one last Thursday and I am only on page 40 right now. But it's good but I'm just enjoying Summer break too much so far. Hopefully I'll get through it soon.
A small order of study materials for Noah for this Summer (the first grade ones are for this Summer and the 2nd grade ones are for next Summer) just saves on shipping is why I bought both grades now.
This Friday at 11am, the boys were out of school and began Summer break.  Picked them up, they went for a haircut. But it was packed so we took them Saturday instead. And around 3pm we went to Narita and ordered 2 pizzas so we could have a small family pizza party, just us 4. : )
2 large pizzas. Then they had showers and were in jammies and we had popcorn and treats and watched a DVD all 4 of us. It wasn't a huge gigantic way to start the Summer. But it was a nice low key...."we're proud of you guys....way to go...time to kick start Summer"  type of night. : )

As far as the homework. Noah is 100% done with his Summer homework given to him by his sensei. He just has the 2 diaries to write and  also to color in how many morning glory he has each day otherwise he's seriously done! All math... all Japanese, etc etc all done. Just the diaries left.

Branden was given 39 pages of homework for Summer @_@ He's done 21 pages so far! So he's on top of it! I feel pretty much they homework the kids to death anyways more or less. And in Summer it's just overload. Barely feels like Summer with all the amounts they get long as they can get it done. They won't have to think about it again. Phew. So Noah done minus the diaries and Branden over half done.

Tonight's some cable, enjoy my time with Branden and Noah and then after the boys go to sleep we'll watch Gone. Dundundun. : ) I hope it's as good as the previews.

Yesterday, the boys and I went to the yochien for the Summer festival and today we hit the pools! I'll try to get those posts up tomorrow. : )  So, I have stuff to say...just trying to soak in the Summer break time too. But I'll work on those 2 posts tomorrow.  Good night every one. : )

PS, thanks to all of you emailing me about the Colorado stuff in the news lately. It was honestly awesome to get about 5 emails saying...."hope your family is safe" etc etc.. Immediately as soon as it was all over the dad actually skyped me and said..."did you hear!" "yes I did", I said. Most of our family thankfully lives, in in Westminster, Arvada, Northglenn and Denver. However I do have 1 cousin who is 1-2 years older then me living in Aurora. We did have a slight panic. My dad called my auntie. He wasn't at the movie was he? No he wasn't. Oh thank god. Once everyone was accounted for in our family and we could sort of just exhale a bit...and go phew. Then we started to feel shock and sadness of what happened and it really sank in.  Anyway, my heart and my prayers go out to the families. I'm just a Denver Colorado gal all the way over here in Japan. And it makes me really sad hearing stuff like that happening in my home state. : (