Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Summer time dashi pull

Saturday, the day after the "haunted school" and fireworks. We had our housing community's dashi pull in the morning. And that evening we had the Summer festival for our housing community.  This was also the Olympic opening ceremony day, it was broadcast for folks in Guam at 9:30am Saturday so a time when people were awake and not the dead of night. So delayed from being live by a few hours.....but much appreciated, so we could catch it here in Japan at our house. That means for us at our house it aired at 8:30am. Since the dashi pull started at 9:45am, means we could watch a good hour of the Olympic ceremony before this dashi the dashi pull and then rush back home and finish enjoying the opening ceremony. So, my olympic post is still coming and so is the Summer festival post. But for now...this is just the dashi pull post. : )  Noah at the main park in the center of our housing community although we have about 3-4 other different parks besides this big center one... with equipment throughout the housing community and benches and places to sit down throughout the housing community also. You can hear water trickling at the main park because of the teeny tiny water fall thing in this pic and it runs along the whole park. Noah is holding a pet bottle of ice, each child needed to bring one.
The dashi pull is only open for kids who live here. And if you live here they give you a cloth to wear around your neck and some bells. The chisai towels, I had the boys bring to wipe sweat from home.
And who is that smiling happy daddy fanning the kids in our housing community.  : )
Folks look forward to this, this woman and her 2 dogs watched as the kids walked by. Some elderly came out smiling and waving at the kids at different houses along the path of the dashi pull.
Someones futon drying and getting fluffy in the Summer heat.
4th, 5th and 6th graders were at the back. Branden was lucky to be able to hold it at the front. He enjoyed this with his friends.
One of the walkways throughout our housing community. When we were picking a place to build our home we wanted a "housing community" type place to build. And we worried about kids walking down normal streets, cars and traffic. The one thing we fell in love with about this place is there really is no reason for any kids to be on normal roads since there are ped paths throughout the entire community. You can get everywhere via a ped path and ride your bike on the ped paths also. So it's not so common to see kids on the main roads in our housing community. However the main roads in this housing community don't get much traffic either, haha. It's like in a circle rings with the main park at the center and then houses circling the park. With our street on the farthest street. There are also only 2 ways to get into our housing community. 1 main entrance and 1 country back road. So through traffic is just something we rarely get but the ped paths were one of the main reasons we fell in love with this place.  Also our housing community has underground gas like how it's done in the US more or less, so none of those twin gas tanks attached to the houses in this housing area which is pretty rare for Japan if you have a house. Anyway just interesting weird fact/ thing people often will notice when coming here "where are the gas tanks" we just say our housing community has underground gas lines, which they do. Not unsuaul for those of you in the US but pretty unusual here. But we also have an outside off valve, we use when we go on vacation or are going to be gone for a whole day type stuff we'll turn it off then as a safety measure.: )
They had a few stops along the way for the kids to get drinks.
Noah and his classmate Kaito-kun. Both ichinensei and both with big brothers who are 5th graders. : )
Hi kiddo!
Some of the ichinensei who live in our housing community. Kids Noah plays with after school or during Summer break etc.
Another pit stop for drinks.  We pay home owner association fees monthly so the drinks are paid for by us basically, which is why it's understandable why it's only open for the kiddos who live here.
Another ped path this one has stairs. : )
We also have our own private clinic/doctor in our housing community. This is his office. I can take the ped path from my house and be here in about 60 seconds maybe 95 seconds if I walk slow. getting a flu shot is very close and the wait is nil. It's peace of mind and he lives in our housing community so again peace of mind knowing he lives about 60 seconds away. He's always been super awesome to our family. We are rarely sick so we rarely go there but he's super nice.
Another ped path walking towards the tennis courts and main park. The center of the housing community.
There are also benches all over the ped paths and circular places for the kids to hang out. Alrighty, I guess...that concludes the tiny tour of our housing community. Anyway I just wanted to give you all a glimpse or tiny peek of where our family lives.... the area we call home. It's a pretty good place to raise kids, the schools are real good, the people are real nice and friendly... the housing community is really well thought out and pretty safe for kids with all the ped paths. Lots of greenery and trees and shade with benches to sit and chat with their friends or play all Summer long. : )
If you turn in your bells and your cloth you will in return get a snack bag and frozen Icee. lemon flavor so good during this hot summer morning. They gave Noboru and I one too. And any other parents who wanted one. Totally appreciated. Noah always looks at Branden's face, typical little brother. : ) The Jinbei boy in the Puma shirt. Branden told the Jinbei boy about his sister Ako-chan winning the trophy the night could hear him tell his shoulda stayed! @_@ You would have won the trophy. : ) Typical brother and sister stuff. : )Poor Ako-chan. : )
Keita...Kei-chan to us in the housing community. Branden and Noah. : )  Chit chatting the morning away after the dashi pull.
Noboru and I wanted to catch more of the olympics so we waved the boys good bye and they stayed at the park with Kei-chan in our housing community and we meanwhile walked the ped paths to home about a 2 minute walk for us and Branden and Noah came home no longer then 5 minutes after us. So they didn't stay too long, it was just too hot. : ) Oh in the background is our housing community's "community center" you can do yoga, gather for meetings whatever you want they have cool things going on in there. I once taught an English lesson for my good friend in that building for a good group of 6th grade girls around Christmas time last year and then just ped pathed it home after the lesson. : )  Anyway there you have it....the dashi pull for 2012. : )