Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer family fun at the pool

This Monday, July 23rd our family went to enjoy the entire day at the big wave pool place we go to a lot during Summer.  Here is a pic of Noboru and the boys helping set up our spot.
Branden and Noah brought their smaller water guns to the pools and they had a blast with those. : )
This made me laugh, if Branden was about to shoot Noah, Noah would duck in the water. lol. Kids, I tell you, kids are so funny!
We pitched our UV tent thing near a creek and also if you see the blue pool also, it led into the wave pool, so we were a lot closer to the wave pool this time.
View from our tent spot.
Noah eating a melon pan.
Branden also eating a melon pan. I had a mix bag of bakery breads. Lemon filled donuts, melon pans, chocolate filled breads a good assortment basically. Noboru enjoyed some also. Then we went to play!
Noah swimming near daddy.
All 3 of them.
Noah having fun!
Branden laughing big and smiling big...lifting up Noah.
Good brothers...good brothers. : )
Love. Noboru loves his boys to absolute pieces.
Noboru waiting for a wave so he can throw Noah with the wave so he can cruise! However I could see the lady standing behind.....And I am a tad too far away and they can't hear me so well, with the crashing wave sounds.
Yep, Noboru threw Noah right into that lady standing back there. I could see it was about to happen. Gulp. @_@  Noboru did tell her sorry and stuff though. : )
Branden loves the water! So he was still playing and he made some friends and was chatting and playing. We didn't want to leave Noboru and Noah stayed back there and chilled while Branden played. And I stood along the sides and watched. I didn't act all mother hen...I did give him his space but I did also keep a watchful eye out. : ) He was absolutely fine though.
This was the least crowded we've ever seen this place. It was a hot Summer day but it wasn't a typical intense Japanese Summer type hot just not sweltering hot. It actually made the pools even better for us. perfect temps to play in the pools. And we didn't feel baked while under the tent at all.
Ham and cheese sandwiches for everyone and yes I wrote Noboru's as "my sweetie pie" : ) everyone likes their sandwiches slightly different. Some want mustard some want mayo some want half mustard half mayo. @_@ So that's why everyone has to have their name on it. : )  we brought two (2 liters) of lemonade and a few cans of ume squash.
Branden enjoying his lunch.
Noboru also enjoying his.
All that swimming sure made everyone hungry! : )
Me too.
After lunch the boys went out and played near our tent area.
Talk, and play some more.
Going around the lazy river!
And around and around. This is a favorite of mine.
Noah sliding down the slide.
Branden sliding down.
Then they announced a game open for elementary kids only. They threw 6 or so golf balls into the pool with numbers on them, when they blow the whistle you can dive into the pool and get one. Branden wanted to do this.
Branden found one of the balls right away and he went and claimed his inflatable sword.
After another hour or two of swimming, Noboru bought the boys a churro. Noah enjoying his churro.
Branden enjoying his.
I had a twist...a chocolate and vanilla.
So many people around our tent were enjoying a hot bowl of ramen. Noboru couldn't help himself. He finally said...I have to try it! : ) I said go for it! : )
Walking through the river part of the water park with hot bowl of ramen, only in Japan is this normal and we saw many do this all day. ; ) Anyway, we spent a full day there. We had a lot of fun! We enjoyed the wave pool every 40-50 minutes it went off. All day long. We also lazy rivered ourselves all day long too. We enjoyed the entire water park. We had brought a nice picnic lunch. And Noboru even bought some snacks from the concession stands. It was a really great day, we stayed from 9am until 3pm. Came home and then Noboru got ready for his Father's Club meeting. While I made curry. We will be coming back here this Summer for sure! : )