Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spooky fun at the "haunted" elementary school and the fireworks afterwards

So last Friday, July 27th Noboru got home from work at 2pm. I had known he needed to be at the school at 4:30pm with the other "Father's Club" guys to prep. Noboru had spent the whole week getting the music online. He needed 50 minutes of it. Since the Father's Club did their walk through and determined you need around 50 minutes to get to each room. Noboru had music from the Ring, the American version the creepy music that plays when the credits roll at the end. He also had the Halloween music when Michael Myers is walking around after Jamie Lee Curtis's character in the hospital and the neighborhood when she was baby sitting. That sound alone scares me to death. Gives me heart palpitations. Anyway Noboru had tons of scary music around an hours worth. He also had a tin can attached to his clear fishing string and when someone goes into the room the can drops and makes this creepy tin can sound. Also Noboru tossed a child's ball down the stairs and that alone scared folks and you could hear the mother's gasp and kids scream in terror. The rest I had zero idea and Noboru wasn't telling me. Branden and Noah knew nothing because he wanted everything to be new and fresh and scary. : ) I baked a homemade pizza last Friday and made sure it was ready to come out of the oven by 2:30pm. So Noboru could eat and then get ready to leave. Us mom's and kids were to be there at 6:30 and it would start around 7pm. This pic above is of the boys going up the country hill to the school. Rice fields and farm land surround our school.
Branden and Noah went and stood in their grade line. First graders stand there and so on. Noah was the first 1st grader there and Branden was the first 5th grader there. Many 6th graders were there.
And then more kids came.....
And then even more....originally the "Father's club" was expecting around 30 kids to come/be interested.  Over 100 showed, 105 or something to be more specific but I'll just say 100! And our school total population is like 220 somewhere around there. A few of our grades only have 1 class per the grade, like Noah's class. I think you can see the sunsetting out the windows in this pic.  It did get pitch black though when they walked through the school. Dundundun! : ) Oh yeah and Sera showed up also, he was in the yellow shirt in the pic with the black bag diagonal across his body in the pic sitting near that mother in the pic but that wans't his mom.... his dad brought him that night. : )
The line way at the back there were still more entering the gymnasium.  The "Father's Club" guys always wear the yellow shirts that say "Father's Club" at the back. : )
This pic shows you just how completely dark it was walking through the school. The only light was from the kids flash lights. It was a stamp rally and the kids needed to go room to room looking for about 8 different stamps. Some questions needed to be answered. There was 1 question...."is our principal over age 50?" And the other question was..."does our town have a population of MORE then 5000 people?" Answer no to question 2. : ) Yep we are a rinky dinky town. Which I love. But yeah answer no to that one. : )  Below is a video taken from the "haunted science room" and you can hear the kids, listen to their sounds, they enjoyed this 100%!!! This sound alone shows how much of a success this was! The parents were totally into it, so were the kids!
This was also Noboru's idea and this really freaked everyone out, me included. Remember that scary movie and you see nothing but the static afterwards? Yep...they set this up in the schools library and you can hear the sounds of static from the TV....and everyone shrieked as they went in! I was on my guard being in this room. And yes Father's were scaring kids on ever floor. One father was dressed all in black and had his face all whited out with makeup. And when you entered that room you just see this figure with a purely creepy face. They had more fishing wire and moved chairs when you entered the room. The chairs would just move by themselves. It was a regular house of horrors...well school of horrors! : )
All kids were to bring a flash light, 1 pencil and 1 thermos. This was after they had all finished. Noah drinking and chatting with his classmates.
A bit blurry but Branden playing around with his 5th grade friends!
Yellow t shirts against the wall, "Father's Club" members. They also had trophy's.
These are the kids who won! Rin-kun who lives 2 doors down won one! The kids were so happy! I definitely think they'll do this again next year! After the trophy's were given out the "Father's Club" announced they would have fireworks for all kids outside. I knew. But everyone else was thinking that was it. Everyone was so happy again after the fireworks announcement. Oh yes, The Jimbei boys sister won a trophy and they kept calling her name but she went home early so she didn't get her trophy, so they gave it to someone else, next in line. : (
Noah enjoying some fireworks with fellow kids from his school.
Branden smiling with some of his classmates and Noah standing near also. This was really fun you guys! : ) It really was!
Father and son! : ) Also the man whose idea started this all! Right on! Noboru was so happy seeing everyone enjoy themselves. He felt really good about it.
It ended and then the boys and I drove home. Noboru stayed with the Father's Club and it was known only by us wives of Father's Club guys..... that the Father's club men and the male teachers were going to have a drinking and snacking... male bonding... party at the school (they got permission for this from the school board weeks beforehand) and so after everyone left...Noboru said they went to 7-11 and went and bought a ton of alcohol and snacks. and they were there and didn't come home until 2:30am. Noboru asked me if I minded about the drinking party afterwards.... last week, I said not at all. It's few and far between that he gets to do that. He works for an American company so they don't do that at his regular work. So his only time to get to do this... is with the "Father's Club" And I don't mind at all honestly. So he could enjoy himself 100% and I'm so glad. I meanwhile made sure the boys took showers they smelled all smokey from the fireworks. And then they went to sleep. I showered then I stayed up for an hour watching TV before heading to bed. They always walk home from the "Father's Club" gatherings so no drunk driving which is nice.  Anyway that was the haunted school night we had last Friday. Lots of fun for the kids in our town! : )