Friday, July 06, 2012

Pictures and video from swim school this week

Here are some pics of Noah from swimming school this week.
I like this video of Noah swimming. Meanwhile some grandpa is chatting in the background and can be heard, that's okay many of us talk and chat while upstairs. But I really enjoy watching Noah in this video. : )
This particular video is cute because Noah is practicing his turns. You know, when you reach the wall and you turn automatically underwater. Like a roll of some sort, it's cool when you see the older kids do this. However, Noah's just starting out at this whole turning/flipping stuff though and it's cute and it is coming together. On a side note, we've been watching the swimming trials for the US swim team. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are as amazing as ever, anyway since both Branden and Noah love swimming they watch in amazement. Anyway the cute thing is, when they did their little turn/flip to switch directions on TV, Noah says to me, "I'm learning to do that too, right mama?" Yes you are Noah! : ) And he really is trying and working hard on that right now.
Coach talking to Noah. He needed some correction on his little turn directions/roll thing.
Then the coach tells this row to get out of the water and split between 2 lanes. You will be matched with someone who is at your same level. The only problem is, Noah had to swim with a 4th grader. See the 2 older kids in this pic standing to the left, the really tall one, well the 2nd really tall one to the left of him is who Noah had to swim against. Gee he's about a good 3 feet taller. No fair. Ha ha ha.
Still waiting. The coach would call out 2 names, who he felt had the same matched skill. @_@
Okay they are doing the backstroke for speed. Whoever gets to the other end of the pool wins. Yikes. Given the other kids longer arms and hand extension since he's taller and much older, I wasn't all too hopeful. But I just smiled upstairs and hoped for the best. There's Noah on the right of this pic in the water and the older kid on the left. Then us, upstairs can hear the whistle blow even from upstairs. I took a video of their practice match below.
Noah won! I guess size didn't matter so much after all. Noah was calm, he didn't appear nervous at all. He just swam his little heart out. My yochien mama friends were there. Branden was there. It was cute. They swam against each other twice and Noah won both times. And they are all friends. it's all a friendly match. It's not like a "grrrr we don't like you type thing" at all. We all swim for the same swim school so they do this for practice and it helps the kids get better at their speed. But yeah, I thought it was funny. Here comes this teeny tiny skinny toothpick ichinensei and he ends up winning. Go figure.
Walking back to the other side to race yet again. Noah looked up at us and we waved and smiled. We sure do love you a lot Noah! : )