Monday, July 23, 2012

Our return to the yochien for the Summer festival

Noah received a post card from the yochien about a month ago. Saying, "please come to the yochien for the Summer festival" "Go to the secretary's office your ticket wristband to play the games will be waiting for you." So Sunday, July 22nd we returned to the yochien. It was to take place from 3:30pm-6pm.  We arrived around 3:45pm and we left around 5pm.  Noah doing the ring toss in this picture and his former classmate (Daito-kun) in the background looking on.
Noah talking to the "tender hearted sensei" who used to hug him all over the playground when he was a 3 year old yellow badge. : )
Beetles were the grand prize to be won at this particular game. Cool!
Pull the nose hair out and see if you win a normal prize or one of the beetles. : )
Having a kakigori/shave ice.  Noah had melon and Branden had blue Hawaii flavor. : )Branden and Noah enjoyed themselves a lot. They played a ton of games. Noah got the chance to chat with the Yayoi sensei and all of the teachers. Only about half of the kids form Noah's graduating class returned. Sera did not return and his best friend Hikaru also did not come. And quite a few others. But you know bright side is... at least half showed up! His classmates said..."hey there's Noah-kun!" And he said...hey! : ) So he had a great time. I also had an amazing time because my very good friend Noriko was there with her 2 cutie pie daughters. And we're really good friends and we can chat forever and a day her and I. So we chit chatted right up until we left. I have such a great time whenever I see her. we talkedtalktalked inside the building. We talktalktalked outside the building. We had coffee and talked some more, we inched our spot here and there all the while chit chatting away. Noboru had to work so he could not go, but that's okay. I had a blast with my good friend. We had to leave at 5pm because we had to head to the grocery store after and get last minute things for the next days "pool day" like breakfast breads from the bakery etc etc.
What Noah won at the yochien festival this year. A gun that when you press it... a boxing glove comes out. lol. A corn fan. A cars coloring book. Snacks.
Branden won a coin sorter.
What Branden won.
Branden also won a beetle and case and it had 1 beetle jelly on top.