Monday, July 30, 2012

One of the most amazing Olympic opening ceremonies I’ve ever seen!

Saturday morning before the dashi pull our family of 4 all sat down in front of the TV and watched the olympics opening ceremony! Watching it in English for the first time in many many years with having American TV was really nice. The way they explained everything, it was just really nice.  Danny Boyle did an amazing job with the opening ceremony. I mean truly amazing! I had goosebumps quite a few times while watching. It started off all green and grassy. They explained on TV it was real grass/sod.
The singing fantastic!
It showed more and more progress being made in London. On TV they said it was the industrialization of London, that was their term.
The music for the show was fantastic. It was captivating, we couldn't keep our eyes off the TV. What would happen next...what would happen next? Sorry if that sounds corny but it's honestly true. This just drew you in.  See 1 circle ring in the center of the chimney and "buildings" well the ring started getting higher and I screamed..."OMG it's going to be one of the olympic rings"
Sure enough it was one of the olympic rings. The way...he tied everything in together...again it was just awesome!
This was amazing. we missed the Beckham and  brilliant Mr Bean  (Rowan Atkinson) and the Queen jumping out of the airplane parts *but* we luckily caught it on repeat that evening so we caught that part also and were happy to see that. The Queen was a terrific sport for doing what she did and they said on TV she had more people tweeting about her that day then anyone else!: )  And OMG is Becks a hunk or what! We were hoping to not miss watching Japan and the USA coming in the "Parade of Nations" we even thought of not going to the dashi pull. @_@ But we said...what the heck let's go and hopefully we can come back in enough time. Lucky for us the dashi pull took about 30 minutes at most and we left immediately after. : ) When we came into the house the parade of nations had already started and it was on the letter E...Egypt was walking on. We said phew we didn't miss Japan and sat down on the couch.
I appreciated how they say on the bottom who is next and next and next. haha. Ykwim. It shows the next 3 countries. That way we could sort of time it to make bathroom breaks and stuff or to get a cold drink from the fridge. Noboru saw the screen up above and then said..."I'm next" meaning his country. : )  I then said, yay honey....yay kids! : )

He watched them come out and was smiling but quiet. He was thrilled though I know it.
Below is the video when the United States of America came out! I then told country's next, yay!!!! : ) : ) Kids said yay all over again. : )  I tried to be quiet but during the parade of nations you can't help but feel so proud of your own country. The Americans outfits were made by Ralph Lauren same as last time. He's a wonderful American designer and their outfits were cool! So cool. Yes there was a tiny bit of controversy about the teams outfits being made in China that made news and Ralph Lauren has promised to have them made in the USA next time around. Either way team USA's outfits were amazing!
Loved Team USA's outfits!
Another pic of Team USA outfits!
Okay one more pic of Team USA's outfits!
Paul McCartney came out at the end and sang. You could hear in his voice he had a lot of emotion and feeling because of the wonderful job his country had did for the opening ceremony for the olympics and it really was amazing. Everyone loves him and the American team were singing right along in this picture. I think the entire stadium was probably singing right along.
If you are British you should be so very proud! : ) Danny Boyle showed the world a glimpse of who England is through his opening ceremony. On American TV the broadcaster said...first time ever during an opening ceremony did someone tell their country's story!!! Like a mini movie. The broadcaster was so totally impressed. Telling of the... hard work. The perseverance! The strength and determination. I'm really not kidding when I say.... we in our house, were dazzled and impressed a million percent! Great and awesome olympic opening ceremony.  Did any of you watch it? What did you think?  Anyway 2 thumbs way up from our family on the opening olympic ceremony and parade of nations.: )