Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Noah's first ensoku/field trip as a first grader

Sorry you guys but both Branden and Noah go on Summer break after school lets out tomorrow at 11am. I devoted 2 posts about Branden's overnight stay. One was the packing and prep and the other was the pictures from the actual trip.  And fair is fair. I received pictures from Noah's first field trip and I failed to write anything about it, I did do a blurb post about Noah's first ensoku but didn't have any pics from the actual event and when I finally got them, I dropped the ball totally, I am so sorry Noah. And I just feel, it wouldn't be fair to one son if I didn't write anything. Especially since I also wrote about Branden's first ensoku in detail years ago. So Noah kiddo....this is for you. And thank goodness for me writing stuff and details on my calendar. So here goes. Noah, Friday May 11th is when you had your very first class field trip as a 1st grader. This was just for the first graders. You went to the Narita Yume Bokujo (farm). You brought a paper a week in advance asking for your parents to circle which ice cream flavor you'd like. Your choice was green tea, milk and chocolate chip. You picked chocolate chip. Lunch and thermos was required. And on that day, I made your lunch, packed your little leisure sheet and whatnots into your Mario backpack and off you went. You were so excited to go to the bokujo that day. That I remember clearly. Anyway this is your class photo from Friday, May 11,2012. You were 6 years old and the one wearing yellow of course.  Your sensei, the Yuka-sensei is the front row far left. Sera is in the front row 2 down from the Yuka-sensei and wearing purple. Also from my memory this was an interesting day weather wise. Some days were warm and you could almost wear shorts and some days were quite chilly still in the mornings. So it was a big question mark how to dress you that day. I did open the upstairs window and feel the temperature. It felt chilly to me, so that's why I dressed you in jeans and a long sleeve. Also forecast said it might rain. It did not rain, but it started sprinkling when the bus dropped you off at the front of our housing community. But only for a few minutes and it stopped by the time you and I walked by the tennis courts.
Here you are Noah, with all of your good friends you made. You made friends real quick. And you have a really good bunch/set of friends you always hang with.
Here you were enjoying icecream. And I see Sera right there smiling and giving the peace sign. Anyway Noah I enjoyed watching you enjoy the first grade so far. Anyway if anyone ever asks, where your *first ever* field trip was in the first grade, now you can tell them. Tell them you went to the Narita Yume Bokujo. And you can tell them all the fun you had that day.  I love you. : )