Friday, July 20, 2012

Monday's Marine Day (Umi no Hi) and another family bbq and some water gun fun

This Monday was a holiday for us in Japan. Marine day (Umi no Hi) so a day off school for the boys which is always nice. And yet another backyard bbq planned for our family. But this time more along the lines of cheeseburgers and hot dogs since we just had yakiniku a few days earlier.  From around 9am, Branden and Noah played with the neighborhood boys. There are 6 boys on our street. Rin-kun (4th grader) and his brother (who will be an ichinensei next year) "The boy next door" and his younger 4th grade brother and then there is Branden and Noah. There is 1 girl who lives on our street but she's an older girl and in junior high/middle school. She's in the 7th grade but she's a real good girl. Anyway so the 6 boys all got together and raced their radio control cars until about noon/lunch time. They had Monday all planned since the day before even. @_@ And after lunch was over they all got together and had the biggest water gun shoot out/play you'd ever see. There are no cars or passing traffic on our street since it's the last street of our housing community. Except from who lives on this street. So, they ran up and down, you could hear kids squealing and the laughter all afternoon long. When their water guns ran out. Branden and Noah would run and fill up at our house. The boy next door would fill up at his grandma's house. : ) And Rin would rush and fill up and then they'd start all over. These kids were soaked to the bone! Say from 1-4pm. They water gun battled it out....then rest a few minutes.... come in for a pineapple popsicle or frozen calpis cube. Or I'd bring a few out to share. And then they'd rush back out and be recharged and start all over again.
Not sure if you can see but both the boys are soaking wet. Noah's hair looks really wet in this picture. : )
Again just a simple bbq. Some burgers and hot dogs. The beef for the hamburgers came from Costco if you remember.
We bbq a lot in Summer and we just keep it simple. No fancy shmancy at our house. Also couldn't find hamburger buns this time, it's a luck of the draw trying to find them in Japan. But that's okay, bread works just fine too. : )
Noboru got it all nicely lit. At this point I told the boys to empty out their water guns, go upstairs put their clothes in the washer machine, get dried up, and put on a nice dry pair of clothes and come down for dinner. Which they quickly did. I meanwhile washed their clothes and threw them in the dryer while we had dinner.
Chargrill cheeseburgers,normal sized ones for Noboru and I and the many mini cute ones, I made for the boys and they used the dinner rolls from Costco as their buns. I just pulled some out of the freezer and microwaved them until they got warm and they were delicious and made cute mini cheeseburgers for the boys. The grilled hot dogs were delicious too. I also made some fresh and crispy fries.
Slightly wet hair but nice and dry clothes. Noah fixing his burger and bun when I snapped this picture. Happy kid! : )
Fries near Branden's left shoulder. 2 bottles of lemonade, the perfect thing to go with grilled cheeseburgers and hot dogs.
In the pic far back, Noboru loves Japanese hot dogs, which is totally cool, so he bought a pack and he grilled them and he enjoyed every single one. Haha. Boy was he full afterwards. I just had 1 chargrill cheeseburger and 1 chargrill hot dog.
Noah wiping up the table after dinner. In our house everyone helps out. That night was Noah's turn to wipe down the table. They switch turns daily Branden and Noah. And that night Branden was busy wrapping up the leftovers. I was meanwhile loading the dishwasher. Anyway that's how our family spent Marine day (Umi no Hi) this year, water gun play and a family bbq. : )