Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Friday's backyard family bbq

So last Friday around 10:45am Noboru and I went to the clinic (hand rash). We were lucky in that the morning rush of patients had already left. We were out quickly. Noboru sliced up the meat that morning actually before we went to the clinic..... for our BBQ we had been planning and looking forward to. Because my hands were not at their best last Friday. : ( After he prepped, we went and had ramen at our usual place. After that we went and picked up some new water guns for both Branden and Noah. All the kids in our neighborhood seem to get new ones each year. They are pretty inexpensive here in Japan and some won't last more then one season especially if they're used as often as the kids use them in our neighborhood. Which is fine they are easily replaced. Rin-kun and his little brother and also the "boy next door" and his younger brother also bought new ones about 5 days before we bought ours. Actually seeing theirs reminded me to replace ours. Anyway after that we came home rested and waited until it was time to pick up the boys from school. These pictures were from last Friday.
Branden is such an excellent helper. Noah meanwhile was on our playground and pretending to shoot spiderman webs (imaginary ones)....oh kids are so funny to watch. : )  And it was a nice way to wind down a Friday and get a nice start of the 3 day weekend for us last Friday.
Nothing beats the taste of that chargrilled flavor. So delicious! Made the marinated meats taste even better. : )
Just a simple dinner from last Friday but still delicious. Yakiniku style chicken and beef and veggies, mushrooms and bell peppers. We wrapped our meat with lettuce leave with rice and kimchi inside. Happy that the 3 day weekend had started and happy my funky rash hand thing was on it's way out! : )
Big water guns and smaller water guns. We picked these for the boys last Friday afternoon. Plus they also have whatever water guns survived from last year. : )  Noah's water guns are on the right and smaller since he's smaller. Branden's are on the left. : )
The box and even the water gun says "Happy Summer" lol. They're ready for Summer fun with their friends from the neighborhood now. : )
Also Friday threw in 2 packs of pineapple popsicles into the freezer. That way when they went playing all last weekend they could keep cool.
Also threw these Calpis jelly's in the freezer last Friday too. Another yumm way for the boys to keep cool while playing outside.  Anyway, this is what we were up to last Friday. : )