Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July's observation day

July 3rd was our last observation before we hit Summer break. This one wasn't a "go any time of day one" like they have sometimes. This was a go to the last hour of class for the day. Having to divide up a 50 minute class between 2 children is still a bit of a challenge but Noboru was available and so he watched Branden the first half and then we switched.  Here was Noah's artwork on the outside of his class. Everyone did really well.
The arts and crafts book they have for 1st graders had pictures on how to make and create boats using cartons. The Yuka-sensei had the kids make them at school. These 2 were the ones Noah made. Everyone had to bring in their own Styrofoam containers and cups etc.
I spy with my little eye Noah's "Mario" thermos in the sea of thermoses. : )
I was standing at the back of the 1st grade class when I heard someone say..."mommy...mommy" I glanced at Noah, his lips were not moving, looked outside and there was Branden, who just swung by for a quick hello.  Quickly I went outside, gave him a hug. I said, I'll see you in 25 minutes. : )  I wish I could have taken pictures of Noah on his 3rd observation day but I was enjoying observing, and then Adele and I chit chatted about the class and basically all of us at the back enjoyed the class a lot. It was a very interesting class and before I knew it, Noboru came downstairs to switch kids/turns. So, I waved Adele good bye and up 2 flights of stairs and to the 3rd floor I went. Right on time! The kids were talking about their camping/overnight experience. And each child got up and spoke and this below was Branden's turn.
I think Branden did a really good job. Side note, See Saya-chan's french braids in this pic? Her mom always gives her the nicest french braids, this day she was wearing like half french braids and half down. : )
Branden's teacher feels they should have a class pet. So they all voted and they picked the....oomper looper? I'm sorry I know I must have butchered the spelling of the poor fish, first time I ever heard of this fish I read about it on my friends blog. It reminds me of the "oompa loompa" from Willy Wonka but the name's different. Anyway, this is their class pet.
This was also July 3rd, same day as the observation day but this picture was taken at the swim school and Branden was looking for Noah's tanabata wish at the swim school, we found it. : )