Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Noah

Last Saturday, July 7th, Noah turned 7! It was a quiet birthday spent just with family, but it was really special.
A birthday card with birthday money inside given from grandpa.
Noah's cake! It was a delicious devil's food (rich chocolate cake) and a whipped cream type of frosting so not too overly sweet! It had rainbow sprinkles but we had requested extra orange sprinkles and the writing be done in orange especially for Noah!
Family photo group shot. My dad also took some of me and the family and Noboru also took 2 of the kids and me and my dad. So we all got good group pics. : ) We all sang happy birthday for the birthday boy. I am definitely out of tune and not going to be auditioning for American Idol anytime soon, I can admit that. Ha ha ha. : ) But, heck, we were happy and I just sang anyway.
A wonderful view for Noah to enjoy his birthday cake.
This was my slice of cake. This was so good. The sprinkles were so colorful, perfect colors for Noah!
It was a pinch less then half gone. But after we finished swimming, we came back to the room and pulled it out of the hotel fridge and had a few more slices so it was even less cake then this after we swam. Yep, the cake was enjoyed during our trip. : )  After we had the first slices of cake, we all headed downstairs to swim. If you notice in the pics above, Noah and Branden were already in their swim stuff and sunscreen on and everything. I had mine on as well. After the cake we went down the elevator to the pools, we spent the entire day there. The video below is of Noah's birthday swim. Just relaxing and hanging out at the Hilton pools and slide. And we also played in the ocean and along the shore. No stress, we could just focus on family and on the birthday boy. When we were done, we went and got dressed and showered, went to the movies and then to dinner afterwards. A nice way to spend turning 7, I think. : )
My dad was so excited about this card, he told me, It talks about bike riding which Noah does, catching fireflies which reminded him of Noah. Since he does catch fish, and frogs type of stuff and it had a pic of someone sliding down a slide and it said something about watching DVDs (and we do a lot of family movie nights). So my dad felt he found the perfect card so he was so happy. That made me happy, he was so happy with the card. And Noah loved it.
Happy Birthday Noah, Love Grandpa. : ) We save all of these for both of the boys. : )
Noah didn't receive 500 trillion presents. And that's okay he's just not really that kind of kid anyway. We bought Noah these, he picked them himself at Gamestop. 2 DS cards 1 Wii card and 1 nunchuk.
Noah wanted a mini Nerf type gun, but felt better if he could get one for his brother also. @_@ Yes that's so typically Noah. God bless him. : )
And though grandpa gave Noah $100 US. He spent only $29 of it. And he'll probably keep the rest of the money for years and years and then forget he has it. : ) I'll keep it away in his closet up high for safe keeping though. : ) He REALLY badly wanted this Spiderman talking mask. You know between you and me, why anyone would want a talking Spiderman mask, you sure got me. @_@ I even asked him to sleep on it. To ensure it wasn't an impulse buy. It turns out it was not, the next day he wanted it even more so. He badly wanted this and has worn it daily ever since. @_@ he definitely beats to his own drum. Ha ha ha. So Spiderman mask it is. : )
Good of grandma Mitsuko to call 2 weeks before to say, Noah, I will call you in 5 days to tell me what you want. Please tell me then. Noah recalled seeing this while we were at Toys r us awhile back when we were looking for bikes for Branden. However we did take Noah to the toy store to take a look for ideas...anything else you'd like? Nope just the transforming police car. So when grandma called back..."hello Noah, did you make up your mind what you'd like?" "Yes grandma I'd like a morphing police car and it's 5000 yen, is that okay?" We all turn our heads, you can hear grandma on speaker phone.....laughing and say, the price doesn't matter just as long as you get what you want. Yes Noah worries about wanting something too expensive always. Poor kid, not sure where he gets that from but it's cute he has that. So being a computer savvy grandma she ordered it online and had it sent here directly from Toys r us for Noah directly.
The present he received from grandma Mitsuko this year.
It transforms from car to robot. And it fires, it's actually pretty cool.

Noah, here are some things about you sweetie pie that I want you to remember, I'll jot them down off the top of my head now.

Noah, your brother, when he was a baby he never ever ever slept. I swear I was sleep deprived for months on end with your brother and even today he's a night owl I notice. You on the other hand Noah, you never kept me awake, I never had a sleepless night because of you. I don't know how that happened. But it truly honestly did. You slept soundly and would sleep through the night, you might wake for a night feed but you slept right next to me, so you were amazing. I never lacked loss of sleep with you. That to me is very unusual. but thank you for that. : )

You used to call Branden, Bamben for the LONGEST time from like age 1-2. When you finally said, BRRRRRanden. Around age 2 1/2. We all turned around shocked. Yay we all said and we clapped!

If anything stunk or smelled you would wave your hand in front of your face wrinkle your nose and you'd say...."hoofy who!" That right there is the one thing I miss, hearing you say "hoofy who!" I sometimes watch your baby videos while you are at school just to hear you say...."hoofy who" one more time. : )

You were probably born a lefty. Grandpa (my dad) is left handed as you know. Branden was born a righty and he never wavered with his hands. You on the other hand, I would watch you and you strongly favored using your left. Your whole first year, if you would reach for your sippy cup or blanket, you'd use your left. I started urging you to use your right. Knowing what a tough time grandpa always had, with lefty scissors etc etc. We encouraged you to use your right. Until you finally started favoring your right hand. but yeah, it is true you greatly favored your left for your first year of life. I saw you writing with both hands the other week and it didn't surprise me at all. : )

You are content with whatever you have. You honestly are just that type of personality. You also are a lover of life. You truly truly love life, I can tell, when I watch you sometimes outside playing and watching the wind blowing your hair and you smiling while running down the street. 

As soon as you wake up in the mornings or see anyone you always say to everyone..."Good morning"

You are an early bird, not too early you wake around 7am most mornings and you'll quietly watch TV or read, color or play DS until someone wakes up. You're very quiet. And yet I know you'll never leave the house so that is so reassuring. I always wake up around 7:30am but I do hear you as soon as you wake up. I've got great ears.  You always go to sleep by 8:30pm even if it's Summer and we let you stay up later. You just naturally fall asleep by that certain time.

You are a good swimmer, you love the water. Even as a baby you loved splashing in the shower or tub at home or having water fall on top of your head.

Things you love at the moment are....The Transformers especially Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee. Spiderman. You LOVE watching Phineas and Ferb. You like to do Just Dance on the Wii and I often find you dancing in the kitchen to my ipod with your brother.

You are a kid who genuinely loves being a kid! You really do.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom, I will walk by both your bedrooms, and you won't be in your bed, I walk into Branden's room and you are nestled in his bed hugging your brother and fast asleep.

Another weird/random fact unless someone knows you in real life, you always smell so good! You really really do. Your hair always smells so good. It smells like Suave Surf shampoo. Like a fresh oceany scent. This Summer you are using liquid body shampoo by Biore the original scent one. Biore original body shampoo in the Summer months this smell fantastic, the whole family is using this but yeah Noah you always smell so darn good. You sitting on the couch squeaky clean after a shower watching TV in your jammies is what I always think of when I think of you Noah. : )

Happy 7th birthday Noah, we love you more then you could ever know!!!! Also we want to say thanks to all of you that have watched Noah grow through all these years via this blog. Watched his baby years and toddler years....watched him enter yochien and then graduate yochien this March you guys were really almost right along with our family....via this blog. Watched him enter elementary school with us. Just thank you, all of you for taking this journey with us. Can you believe it....he's 7 you guys! Wow 7! Happy Birthday Noah!!!