Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goodies brought back from Guam

For whoever is curious this is what we brought back to Japan this time around. : )
We brought back 40 lbs of rice this time.
Irish creamer for coffee.
Chicken flavored cup of noodle type noodles.
Movie treats and breath mints for Noboru and I.
Coconut M&M's are good but these are way better, you can actually feel the texture of the coconut and taste some almond pieces in some of them. These are so good.
CLR for cleaning.
Honey nut chex mix. 1 of these bags is going with us to the pools this Summer.
2 months of making sure the mosquitoes will not be a problem. We like this a lot.
Extra lights, Noboru likes getting these from Home Depot, same with the mosquito spray.
He said he felt our door handle wasn't as smooth as it should be and he said he could easily fix it himself, since we have an American door, he bought the inside tumbler part for a Kwikset which is what we have on our doors and he just replaced it the next day. It was easy for him.
I bought some chips for the boys for the flight home, but they didn't eat them during the flight, which is fine we just brought them home.
Chip variety pack will come in handy when we head to the pools with sandwiches and stuff.
Popcorn for movie night.
Cake stuff.
Fajitas and enchilada sauce and 1 pack of beans.
Meatless chili beans and ravioli.
We still have over half of our other bottle of balsamic vinaigrette but we eat lots of salads in the Summer so picked up an extra bottle and a  huge bag of garlic and butter croutons. Yep, we could have picked the croutons up at Costco in Japan, but, woulda coulda shoulda, we forgot so just picked them up here. : )
Taco seasoning.
20 pair of socks for Noboru.
Should last them the Summer.
Pecans, A-1, syrup, Miracle whip and stuffing. Misc stuff pic.
Vanilla cupcake flavor. Yumm.
A case of pudding from Cost u less. The box says, 18 chocolate chuckles and 18 vanilla grins. : )
These crayons are so intense and pretty they look almost like markers. They're cool. And a deck of uno cards.
I picked up another book for Summer reading. I also ordered 2 from Amazon. So I'll enjoy 3 books this Summer.  Branden asked for another Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, he looked through them and chose this one himself.
There is a lot of reading but there are also pictures that go with the stories and these make Branden laugh, and if he enjoys reading them I will continue to buy them. : )
This part in the book, the boy says, how the man who wrote the book "The Giving Tree" his picture on the back of the book used to scare him and he thinks he looks more like a burglar or a pirate them someone who writes kids books. @_@ 
And especially since it's a family favorite and we read that book often here. : )
These things you have already seen. The birthday things.
Toothpaste and Phineas and Ferb band aids.
I have a quite a few sticks of deodorant already so I'm stocked for Summer but I picked up one extra just in case.  Travel pack of Q-tips.
In Winter I look for shampoos that say stuff like, "moisturizing" but in Summer, seems Noboru's hair and  also my hair doesn't need any extra moisture. we feel more like a grease pit. So, I picked Suave ocean shampoo and conditioner. Kiwi and Lime *clarifying* shampoo. Perfect for Summer. And pomegranate and grape seed extract or something shampoo. All more clarifying versus giving us extra moisture. : )
Another bottle of surf scent shampoo for the boys, to add to their couple bottle stock pile. A clay mint lemon mask for me. And some feminine wash.
Tortillas and corn tortillas.
Thin sliced honey ham and provolone cheese. Yep, am I gearing up for heading to the pools or what. : )
Cheese ravioli.
Frozen mac and cheese.
I was lucky to get the after "4th of July" sales. This platter was under $5 US.
Paper plates and napkins both sizes.
Full price was $3.99 but I got them on discount since it was after our holiday.
We paid about $3 US each dinner mat. Yay for sales.
Tabloids. I enjoyed reading these. I haven't read the Drew Barrymore wedding one yet, but maybe today.