Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A Costco Makuhari run

So Saturday night, I get an email from one of my "yochien mama" friends. Just saying, "a group of us are thinking about going to Costco this Monday, it's also a good time to catch up. So, do you want to come?", she said. Heck yeah, I thought. : ) So, I replied, sure, that sounds great and so we all met at our usual meet up "going to Costco" place to park all our cars spot. The city ward office in the city Noah used to go to yochien in. Met up and all hopped in and we were on our way. So we're in the minivan and we all asked, "how is your child adjusting to elementary school life?", we all answered. Some shared some very funny stories. Are you going back to the yochien this year for the summer festival, we are all invited to? Yes, I think so, I said. Us too, they all said. Anyway for us, to get to Costco, it's a long way and the expense of the highway, we all split the highway toll fee. We arrived. We all quickly got a couple carts. And cruised the aisles. "Look at this couch", said one and she went to sit down and try it out. : ) "Is it comfortable", I asked. "Yes it is", she said as she closed her eyes and then smiled. So once again back down the aisles. I did not get too many things. I only got what's pictured here. Pasta, sauce, 2 packs of string cheese, dinner rolls and waffles (for quick breakfasts) and mustard (bbq season).
All of my friends picked many deli items, pizzas and other ready made meals for that nights supper. I picked the cheese pizza from the lunch area, already made.
We had this Monday night for dinner with a simple salad.
I also picked ground beef, For grilled cheeseburgers after we get back from Guam. Anyway, I had a good time with my girl friends. We all had a fun time getting a few things at Costco and we all had lunch there. They all ordered hot dogs, but I had a slice of pizza and a soda for lunch. And then we hopped back onto the highway and headed back to our neck of the woods. Back at the city ward office, I picked up my tiny red car, and they all got into their cars.... we all waved and said good bye, and then I quickly ran home, separated the ground beef into 3 zip locks. Put everything away and then hopped back into the car to pick up the boys from school.  Come on Costco in Chiba New Town, please be built as soon as possible, there are so many of us looking forward to when you open. It'll be a much closer drive for many of us. : )