Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Allergic reaction...

So last Thursday during the day, I ran to the grocery store, picked up fresh fruit, fresh veggies. Some frozen veggies also. Some meat, some milk, went to the bakery, you know...the usual. Swung and picked up the boys from school and took them to Kumon.  Now here is the weird part.

I bought a whole cantaloupe and a 1/4 of a watermelon. We loved fresh fruit here at the house. I sliced and cubed the fruit. Have done this a million times during my life, nothing out of the norm for me. I hadn't cute the watermelon yet. I started cutting the cantaloupe, a very juicy one btw. Juices were on my hands and wrist area. And pretty much within 10 minutes my hands were covered in teeny tiny bumps. I washed my hands. washed off the cutting board and then cut the watermelon. I still had to make dinner. And went and swung and picked up Branden and Noah from Kumon. During dinner my hands started to feel itchy. And lasted all night long.

I do have a liquid Benadryl topical type cream, so I applied that but the itchiness lasted all night and even the next day. With a 3 day weekend coming up, Noboru said we should get you to the doctor in case it's something more serious.  He also checked online as did I. People do have reported allergy to touching cantaloupe, Noboru found one mother online he read, who said her son gets it around his mouth wherever the juices touch his face.  So at the doctors, I was seen pretty much right away. The doctor said, "oh yes was it a cantaloupe?" Yes it was. Personally I have never heard of anything like this. And he did explain while I was most likely having an allergic reaction, it wasn't from eating it. It was from touching it, which was pretty much what I figured also.  And he mentioned like poison ivy. So with prescriptions in hand we went next door and picked up my prescriptions, last Friday afternoon. The doctor said I could still enjoy eating it, just may want to not touch it anymore. Bummer. : (

1 topical antihistamine and 1 oral/tablet antihistamine. The bumps were gone the very next day as soon as I took the meds and used the cream on my hands. : )
Yesterday, Noboru bought me a cantaloupe. And this morning he sliced it for me and cut it. And he cubed it in 2 bowls. That way I can still enjoy it, just without touching it. : )  What a nice guy. And I did eat some today and I'm totally fine. Go figure. Interesting though, right. : )