Monday, June 18, 2012

What we did while Branden was on his over night trip

So Noboru happened to be off work the day/night Branden was on his over night trip. Noboru suggested we keep busy, which was an excellent idea. When Branden had his yochien over night stay, I cried. I cried because it was the first time he ever slept away from home and I missed him  Branden dearly. Flash forward to Noah's yochien over night trip. I also missed him dearly. Granted no tears like how I had when Branden had his. And yes I felt foolish for crying after picking up Branden. I did wonder, why all the tears?! But, I just couldn't help it. So I did improve myself when Noah went on his over night stay. And Branden and I kept busy, I think we went to KFC and made a mother and Branden night at home just us two since Noboru was working. So flash forward to now. I survived both boys going on both their yochien over night trips. And I knew, I would absolutely survive Branden's 5th grade trip. So, yeah I think Noboru suggesting we keep busy was a fantastic idea. So we both made a plan to go and check out the Mega Don Quixote store, his friend has been raving about. So at 3pm, we picked up Noah from the plaza. And we said, we are going for a long drive. Noah was a bit surprised but up for it. We went and had ramen. Noah did his homework quickly while we waited for the ramen, he did it at the restaurant.
Noah blowing on his ramen. See the toy? Instead of it saying Fanta orange. It says Funta. And it is's a little fan. : ) It came with this toy with Noah's kids ramen meal.
My ramen. And the deep fried gyoza we all shared.
Noboru's coworker has been going on and on about how cheap this store is. How we must check it out. We did have some time to spare so we went to look around. Now to be fair maybe his coworker went to a different location, I don't know. but this one in particular wasn't all that great. And the prices on food were not as cheap as we thought. 36 yen per...umm not pound. Gram? or... anyway I said to Noboru, I pay 24 yen per whatever at my store I shop at. Noboru, said...yeah I know.  And it was many things. The jellos with fruit, my usual shop has them for 88 yen, here they were 98 yen. Just stuff like that. So, it was nice for his coworker to suggest this place. The positive is...he was trying to be helpful. So that was cool. Noboru and I just chalked it up to...maybe we just shop at a freakishly cheap store to begin with, who knows. However it must be said...we did need something to keep us busy last Wednesday evening so whether this was a great store or not, it did keep us busy.  And least we learned something. However....we saw signs in this city that said.... Seiyu this way...1 or 2 KM away follow this arrow. Type sign. And I thought to myself, you know Austina mentioned Reese's peanut butter cups like 2 months ago on her blog that she bought at Seiyu. We don't live remotely near one. So if we just accidentally happened to be near one, which we did last week, go figure. cool! So, I suggested to Noboru..."I heard Seiyu, has Reese's" he said, "we're in the area so.... let's check it out" Cool. So we did.
Huge parking lot, just like Walmart. There's some Walmart connection between Seiyu and Walmart, I forget what excatly but there's something (did Walmart buy Seiyu? I think so anyway...)...the city we used to live in had a Seiyu. Anyway, when we entered here you could see a Walmart influence. Noboru pointed at a pamphlet near the register and it had a Walmart logo on it.
We had time so we strolled down very aisle. And thank you they did have the Reese's. They also had mint Pocky. Think Girl Scouts thin mints type flavor or those Keebler grasshopper cookies plus add a pocky...these are so good! Anyway...
They had California shredded cheese. And not at Japanese prices. these were priced very fair. 195 yen? 210 yen, no more then that. We also bought taco shells.
Jams, 78 yen? 85 yen? Under 100 yen so that's why I got them. They also had a  good sized ladies section upstairs which I browsed and they also had a plus sized clothing department upstairs so, for anyone needing info on that I did walk by that area to get info to share on here.....and they go up to 5L. And they also had a wicked kids clothes section also. The kids stuff looks like stuff you'd find at Walmart in America they maybe just switched the sizes to CM. And same for the women's stuff.
This does not belong here...but I forgot to add this pic in the post about my dad. Sorry dad. He also brought me Italian breadcrumbs. I use these a lot at home. So, they will surely come in handy. 
Anyway, after Seiyu, we headed home.  We each bought a cold drink for the ride back home. For all that we did we still managed to come back at a reasonable time. Noah showered with dad quickly and right to dreamland Noah went. Next morning, I dropped Noah off at the front of the school versus the plaza. Just felt weird dropping him off to school without Branden.: ( Which is why I dropped him off at the front of the building. Also after school....Thursday is the day Branden walks down the hill with Noah, but Noah said, Branden won't be here right? I said that is right. I picked Noah up at the Plaza at 3pm minus Branden. And then we dropped his backpack and school stuff off at home and we walked down to the front entrance of our housing community to wait for the big bus to drop Branden off. Genki and Saya and Kouiki and a few others got off here also since they live at the same housing community as us. You know....between you and me, we did keep busy while Branden was away. We didn't dwell or be sad. But it was really nice to have Branden back the next day! : ) Yes it was! : )