Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekly bits and pieces

Noboru took Branden and Noah to the barber this morning, so that's where they are at right now. They should be back in about 30 minutes.  So I have just enough time to update real quick. : ) What have I been doing this week? This week has been a quiet week over here. And I like quiet weeks. Every morning, I drop both Branden and Noah off in 1 fell swoop. And then after 7:20am, I'm free pretty much. So, I get the laundry going and outside and hung. And like on Monday, I spent an hour in the kitchen cleaning up. Cleaning the tiles/backsplash. Cleaning around the window area also.
I wipe the fan cover every night, above the stove. However it does need a once a week degreasing to get all the gunk off. So, I did that Monday also. Vacuumed the blinds in the kitchen. Windexed the kitchen windows. Patio window. Vacuumed and them mopped the kitchen floors.  After my timer went off on the stove. I was done. Good enough for a Monday. Did I go through the pantry or go through the fridge that day? No, but I felt good because at least I got the majority of the kitchen out of the way. I swished the toilet downstairs and upstairs. Vacuumed the downstairs genkan and living room. Straigjhtened the shoes and called it day.... for Monday. I did bring the laundry in though and prep dinner. But yeah I felt Monday was good. I did pick up the boys, took them to Kumon and then brought them home and we all had supper.

What else did I do this week? It did not rain here this week btw. However it was supposed to rain Thursday but never did. But since it was expected, I said to myself I better go and wash the bedding for our bed at the laundry mat the day before. Because usually rainy days means the laundry mat is full. And so I try to avoid the laundry mat on rainy days. Besides I have a dryer at home, and it fits our clothes fine. But it doesn't fit out queen size comforter so that's why I ran to the laundry. And the boys bedding, I can get in the washer and dryer or line dry it at home. It's just our bedding that needs the laundry mat. : ) Though I often wash our bedding sheets only (at home just fine) and they fit just fine. It's the comforter that's the tough one.

500 yen, not bad.

100 yen for the dryer but I always use 2 coins. brought it home, made our bed. Just every single day, I do something, house related. I also did an hour of cleaning the day I ran to the laundry mat also.

I also, baked a red velvet cake this week. This was so good.

Vacuumed all the upstairs blinds in all the bedrooms. No dust there after I finished.

Wiping down Noah's windows in his bedroom.  After I vacuumed his blinds. Noah has a beautiful view of the tanbo from his bedroom.
Vacuuming Noah's side window blinds, he has a view of vacant land. Very quiet and peaceful.  Branden has the same side view.

Monday -Friday I Love Lucy comes on at 10am Japan time for 1 hour. I usually like to clean before, I love Lucy starts so I can take a little break and watch. Lucy is so funny. I mean the schemes her and Ethel would come up with! They got locked onto the roof of the apartment complex this week. They thought they would freeze to death. Luckily Fred and Ricky rescued them. It's just a simpler time, watching these shows. No wonder they're classics.  And OMG about the clip below. So, the season finale of The Client List. For those of you reading this from the US and who have been watching. Can you believe it.  Or what? If you are worried about a spoiler, don't read below this. She struggled all this time. And it's the season finale, so you know it's going to be a mind blowing doozy! And she's in the tub relaxing. The door bell rings, she stands up grabs a towel. She just had a kiss with her BIL a day before and she's thinking about that. And the fact he just called and said can I come over, she answered while in the tub. Remember I thought they were going to have a attraction thing I could see they were going in this direction. Anyway even though she said don't come over, the door bell rings and she grabs the towel and runs to the door with a smile on her face.'s her husband! @_@ The one who left and abandoned her all those many months ago. He now wants everything to go right back together. He wants her to just run into his arms and act like the whole half year without him never happened. It's fair to say she's pissed. She is extremely angry. And she's not having any of it. She let him have it a few times, the last episode. And the argument below is rather mild. And Riley (Jennifer Love Hewiit) says...I have changed. After he says...come on I haven't changed... nothings changed. She then says...I changed! Anyway yeah to say this season ended on a cliffhanger is really putting it mildly. It left me thinking...what will happen next. I am now looking forward to when it comes back next season.
Also had steak this week. Noboru had a more marbled steak not pictured. There were 5 in here, this pack.... Branden had 2, I had 2 and Noah had 1 steak. We also had baked cheese and butter potatoes and a salad.  Just very simple.

Gardening, I planted 1 zucchini, and 1 cucumber this year. I didn't plant too much this year because I know we are going to be out and about a lot of Summer and if I planted a heaping amount, I wouldn't be able to properly take care of them. This way, if we head to Guam, or for an entire day at the pools, or elsewhere.... I won't feel too badly. Also, typhoon 4 didn't hurt my plants, but typhoon 5 seemed to mildly damage my zucchini. The cucmber wasn't damaged at all, it's just the zucchini I am mildly worried about, I hope he bounces back. : )  

In the news. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise getting divorced?  Also, David Beckham was left off the roster for the olympic soccer team representing England. I was surprised. I thought he surely would have been picked. I think they can pick 2 older players on their team or something like that. I know he certainly would have helped in ticket sales, if he had been on their squad. I mean he's gorgeous...he's very easy on the eyes. : )  It's on the news quite a bit since the news broke on that. A lot of people were surprised he wasn't picked. But I think he was a class act in saying, there'd be no bigger supporter for England's team then him. That was really nice of him.

What else news worthy has happened lately. Oh yes, anyone catch the Rielle Hunter interveiw on 20/20. I did.  They talked about her new book. Apparently she bad mouthed his late wife (who died of cancer). Most Americans know who she is. But just in case. John Edwards was in politics, he was thought to be a future presedential runner. Married with kids, his wife had cancer.... beat cancer once. It had come back, her cancer and she did sadly die. But the huge thing is, he was cheating on her, he got his mistress pregnant (Rielle Hunter) they had a love child. The affair apprently devastated his cancer stricken wife. It was just a huge story years ago. Anyway the mistress writes this book. talks about their first night being the best sex she's ever had in her life. @_@ OMG, perhaps something she could have kept to herself! She was a mistress afterall and being the fact the wife is dead it's a bit like rubbing salt in the wound is how I felt.  And then she bad mouths the poor wife who is now dearly departed and can't defend herself. She calls her a "witch on wheels" etc etc. I like to keep an open mind....she said to read her book.  To be honest....I'm not sure if I will read her book or not (part of me is curious and part of me says don't read it, lol). I saw the interview though. Anyway her new book now made everyone mad at her all over again. And I saw her on Piers Morgan 2 days ago or was it yesterday, anyway....apparently her and John broke up. Piers asked if it was because of the book. She didn't want to answer. Anyway, yeah interesting stuff.

Oh, the boys and Noboru just came back. I better go. What is our weekend plan? Just hanging out at home. We know next week at this time we'll be gone. So we don't mind hanging home and having a nice relaxing weekend here at home. I think Yuki is coming over later this afternoon. Tonight's dinner, chicken chow mein/sara udon.