Saturday, June 23, 2012

Swimming at the local elementary school here in Japan has begun

Swimming at the local shogakko started for both Branden and Noah this week. We were given notice 2 weeks beforehand. And I've been down this road with Branden already for the past 4, this is his 5th year. So, me getting Noah ready, was super easy.  For those of you not in Japan, all the kids at elementary school need to wear navy blue. At least that's how it's done around where we live. And by looking at the local malls, like Aeon and through catalogs like Nissen, it seems they all sell 'school swim wear" in navy blue, maybe you could get away with black, I suppose but I usually see it in navy blue. So, I'm pretty sure this is pretty typical. Though, I am only speaking from my experiences and for where we live. : )
We ran to the mall after dropping off my dad at Narita 2 Monday's ago.
Remember I tried to get Branden flip flops from Old Navy but they didn't have his size when we were in Honolulu this past March. So, we bought these at Aeon.
These are different. One is for the younger grades of elementary school and the other is for older grades in elementary school. 1 pair for Branden and 1 pair for Noah. We bought these at Sports Authority.
We bought Noah the same exact swimming cap we bought for Branden. Because most use navy or white swimming caps. And this yellow one is easy to spot in the pool. And for it being name brand it was the same type of price as a non name brand one.
We wrote the names on the goggles cases.
This is what Noah is taking. 1 pair of navy blue hibiscus flip flops from Old Navy. 1 Adidas swim shorts, these used to belong to Branden and they're like brand new still (excellent condition). 1 pair of goggles. 1 yellow Adias swimming cap and 1 navy blue rash guard, we bought off Rakuten for super cheap and it has a very high UPF for clothes. Noah burns terribly easy poor kid. So when they sent home the swimming form and questionnaire, Noboru made sure to write in the comments section, "Noah burns very easy since he's so fair, so please make sure he wears this rash guard every time" and she wrote back and said, she will. : ) And Noah knows already also.
I just sewed Noah's label on over Branden's. And you can't even see the name underneath at all. And I looked and because of the fabric I was worried by taking Branden's label off if it could have torn the swimsuit or put a hole in it. Which is why I just sewed his label over it.
Noah has a swim towel he uses for his swim school. That he swims at, and he also has this one that he used in yochien. And he's using this here at the shogakko.
Yep, even the note said to make sure the flippies are named. So, again I made sure it was indeed written with Noah's name on it.
On the younger grade kids goggles there is a place to put your name and it even says name. So, we wrote his name there.
And even on his rash guard.
 I packed everything up. And this was due by Tuesday of this past week and Noah brought it on Monday.
Packed up Branden also. I folded his towel nicely, he also received new swim trunks. New goggles. And flippies. Branden wears a rash guard when we go on vacation to the regular pools. But for shogakko Branden would never want to wear one, and that's okay. Plus he doesn't burn like Noah does, so he's lucky in that aspect. Wrapped everything up and put it inside Branden's Nike swim bag.
Aha, what do we have here! One little cutie pie ready for swimming at elementary school here in Japan! You look good Noah. You look all ready kiddo.
One thing switched from this year versus last year and the years prior, is they asked for all kids to bring a T shirt to wear for the walk to the pool. It's about a 2 minute walk. But no matter they asked for the T, so I sent both of the boys with them. Noah took this one. His Lifeguard North Shore T we got in Honolulu. And Branden took the same one, different size. : )
Each of the boys brought home swim cards. And every time they swim, we must sign them off The morning of. If their temperature is too high or if they are unwell, they need to know. Also, they will get stars for what they know. Meaning their swimming skill.
If they know this stuff they must demonstrate this to the teacher and if they showed they know it, they'll get a golden sticker or star. Both Noah and Branden have wicked mad swim skills. So, I have no worries for either of them. They're going to have a blast.
I know Branden can do the medley easily. He trained for that at his swim school and he got all stars on this last year from the elementary school. I am unsure if Noah can swim the medley yet or not, so we will see, either way is fine, as long as they have fun is most important for us.  Anyway...swimming at our local Japanese elementary school has begun and both Branden and Noah couldn't be happier. They truly love being in the water. And swimming at the elementary school here is really fun. : )  Branden swims at the elementary school twice a week from now until Summer break. And Noah swims at the elementary school twice a week and he also swims for the private swim school once a week for an hour and a half. So he'll be getting lots of pool time from now until they go on Summer break. : )

I wish my elementary school in the US would have had swimming starting from the first grade. But on the bright side, I get to enjoy watching my boys enjoy it, so that's fine too. : )

Where are the boys this fine Sunday? In the rice fields yet again, looking for zarigani with the "boy next door" and his little brother. So there's two 5th graders (Branden and the boy next door), one 4th grader (The boy next doors little brother) and Noah the ichinensei. All with bug boxes and all with nets. And I have a load of towels hanging on the back patio as I type. And their uniforms also are drying up outside nicely.  We will have leftover Pizza Hut pizza for lunch, we bought 2 larges (which are 2 US sized mediums) And we have a lot leftover. So that's going to be lunch when the bell strikes 12 and the lunch music plays throughout the neighborhood, I know the boys will come back immediately. Same with all the kids in the neighborhood. And I'm thinking curry for dinner. : )