Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer shopping

Here's some of the things I've ordered lately from Gap and also Old Navy.
Two pair of Gap shorts for Noah. Navy goes with anything and orange, well Noah digs orange so a great buy.  Plus I had an online coupon so all of these purchases were a great deal.
What the orange ones looked like online.
What the navy ones looked like online, I also ordered Branden a pair in the navy.
2 T's from Gap for Noah. That light blue one will go perfectly with a pair of patchwork madras type shorts Noah has. And the yellow one is cute and he loves yellow.
2 T's for Branden.

1 navy blue American flag T for me, will be wearing this for The 4th of July and all Summer. And the cute patchwork madras shorts, I love them.

With all the walking and fitness I've done, I can't wait to wear these!
I liked this thin Summery Gap cardi and like I said, I had a coupon so ordered it.
This is so cute.
Scarves are hot this year. I picked this one and another one pictured below somewhere.
It's nice, black and it still has lots of color, great with many outfits.
This is another order completely. From Gap and ON.
I picked this bright orange-y yellow infinity scarf, love this! And the 2 striped things on the right are cute preppy dresses.
I wore this the other day, with a white fitted 3/4 sleeve ballet/boat neck top, tan/khaki shorts and this scarf and a pony tail, bangle bracelets. Just running my errands and shopping in.
Again with all the fitness minutes, walks and stomach crunches I've done, I can't wait to wear this simple but cute dress. And ditto the one below. It's the same but different color.
The olympics are coming soon enough. And I have to show my support for team USA! So, Branden got a team USA T and 1 hat.
Noah also ended up with the same. Go team USA! Go!!!!
Branden's Gap navy blue shorts for just hanging in the house or enjoying time around the neighborhood.
I do always like to buy a new navy blue polo top and a new black one. Every Summer.
They are preppy but also feminine in their fit.
This navy one I will be wearing with the patchwork shorts and navy flip flops this Summer.
Branden and Noah have new swimsuits I picked for them in March. But this one was so cute...I had that 30% off coupin code and it was on sale also on top of that so, I picked this for Noah. Branden didn't want another one. He loevs the one he just got this March.
These madras patchwork swim trunks rock! Seriously they are cool! And the white rashguard looks cool with it.
Love the hibiscus flower detailing.
Also not from Gap. But from Japanese online ordering, we bought Branden 5 pair of shorts total. 4 pair of jean shorts and 1 pair of tan shorts. Only 3 are pictured, the other 2 pair came in a different shipment.  But Branden has enough shorts now.
Branden and Noah also ended up with cute pirate pj bottoms. Again from an online Japanese retailer. These were so cheap (890 yen) and they're so cute.
Noah ended up with 2 pair of jean shorts. I love the pull up shorts for kids in Japan. These were 990 yen per pair.  Such a great buy.  Anyway this is just a quick glimpse/peek of some of the stuff purchased recently.... some of our getting ready for Summer purchases. ; )