Saturday, June 02, 2012

Stuff I've been watching on TV lately

I haven't written about what I've been watching for a few weeks, so here's what I've been watching in the evenings when it's time for me to rest, sit down and relax after an often busy day. : )  This is one of my favorite American TV shows. "The Biggest Loser", this particular episode was on at the start of April of mid April, I forget when. They went to the White House. This is Kim Nielsen hugging one of the trainers.
Kim at the beginning.
You know, I really love shows like this. Very honest, real. You see them at the start of their journey type show. You watch as they struggle. Their ups, theirs downs. They draw you in. You feel something for them. You root them on! Every week, I watched this show. I had favorites on the show like most people. But, in the end I was proud of them all.
The contestants exercised with the first lady, Michelle Obama. She did squats, One legged push ups, she was amazing. : )
The night of the finale back in May. They all looked so good. I made sure I had all my stuff done beforehand, we had dinner and I washed up the kitchen, threw the dishes in the dishwasher. The boys took showers. I was ready to enjoy the finale the night this aired.
I won't say who won, but I was happy.
There are so many interesting reality shows on right now. "My Crazy Obsession" and also "My Strange Addiction" so many types of shows like these. Just when you think to yourself, you know I've seen it all. You watch an episode and haven't! : )  The first show I caught like this, was a man, who was in love with his car. And I do mean literally. He kisses the car and he even has sexual relations with his car. @_@ Yeah that was a head scratcher right there. He confessed this to his dad. And his dad looks at him in complete @_@.  See this picture up above? The lady in plaid is confessing to her best friend, "I am eating my husbands ashes" See, her husband had an untimely death, died very unexpectedly. And she's obviously grieving. They were newlyweds-ish. Anyway, he was cremated. And to comfort herself, she has been dunking her finger in the urn and licking it off. She's eaten, (I forgot already sorry) a 1/4 or 1/2 of him already. Yes, a doctor did speak with her and told her about how poisonous the embalming fluids she was ingesting were etc.
She also takes him with her everyone. For comfort. Here she is sitting on a park bench with her husband.
Here she is on a different day, different shirt and again going for a stroll with her husband.  What do I think. Well on one hand you think, they're hurting, they're in pain. Then on another note, you think, how crazy this is. But yeah., it's just an interesting show.
See here how they say dryer sheets contain chemicals that can cause cancer (if ingested), anyway this one woman is in love with eating dryer sheets. She tears them in pieces and hides the pieces in her bra and that way she can chew on bits of them no matter where she goes throughout the day. I also saw another show where a woman is addicted to eating soil. She eats dirt on her street, she also is fond of potting soil. I also caught an episode where a woman eats terracotta potting planters. She cracks them with a hammer and keeps the pieces in a plastic baggie and eats them throughout the day. Like I said...just when you think...I've seen it all. You realize, yeah not even close! : ) On the bright side nothings shocks or surprises me anymore. ; )
You know, I've heard of these adult babies before. But this was my first time seeing one up close, well on TV but ykwim.
Custom made, adult sized crib!
With pacifier in mouth.
Her diapers.And she doesn't like pull ups she prefers the ones with the taped sides. She also believes diapers should be used. So yes, pee and poo going on in there. She said the feeling is fantastic.
Watching TV in footy pj's and bottle. Her friend drinking from a glass, they watch TV together.
I also enjoy watching "America's Got Talent" Sharon Osbourne is one of the judges. My dad also watches this show.
Lady Gaga was on the Simpson's the other week. She was fantastic!
Lisa won an award for least popular student at the school. Which is why she has that expression on her face. : ( Poor Lisa.

Gaga could feel somebody in Springfield needed her (Lisa) so she was on her way!
She had one of the coolest trains.

I've also been watching, "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" the new season. Also the new season of Monster In Law has started. And it's as good as always. Sister Wives has also started and it's an interesting show.

I'm also into the show The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I spoke about this show once before but it pulls you in this show. It's hard not to feel something for her character. I'll just give you a brief idea of what the shows about. She's happily married, she has 2 kids. And first episode the husband just leaves. No explanation, nothing. She's meanwhile left picking up the pieces. She starts off lying to friends when they ask where her husband is. "Oh ummm he's away on business." He's busy on a work project in a different state right now for the next few months. Lies to the kids. Nobody knows except for her best friend and her mom and bil. Problem is, how will she be able to pay the mortgage? How will she keep restocking that fridge and pantry with food? Pay for new shoes for the kids. The air conditioner broke on one episode. that type of stuff. So, she gets a job and a masseuse. And it turns out to be...well. how do you put it. She offers more services then planned. And no she didn't want to at first. But then after all the bills, she did. You can see her inner struggles on this show. And that's what makes it so hard for you not to feel something for her at least. Her BIL, is also living in town and he visits often. Helps with the DIY stuff. Because he does know his brother took off and left. I also can feel he's sorta liking the Jenifer Love Hewitt / the SIL character. But I'm not sure if it will play out that way or not. Through this all she has kept her ring on. And finally a few weeks ago, she took her wedding ring off. And at some town dinner, she finally just told everyone..."he left me!" "Say want you want....think what you want." Nobody knows her main secret though. She dreamt of her husband the first month or so and it showed her pain. He was her heart, high school sweetheart, first experience for everything, he was it for her. She dreamt he returned back to her and all was fine. She also had nightmares he came back and knew her secret and called her every name in the book. She's been through so much. She's trying so hard. Trying to just keep her head above water and stay afloat. Anyway, I know this show might not be for everyone, but again I like shows with characters I can feel something for. Characters who show a human side and who are not perfect and who have flaws (like all of us do). Characters trying to rise to the challange whatever the challenge may be. Whether it's trying to lose weight like on "The Biggest Loser" or a show like, "The Client List", where she's just trying to make sense out of her husband leaving just out of the clear blue like that....

Other then that still watching Welcome to Sweetie Pies. And House Hunters and House Hunters International.  Cold Case reruns.  And the Investigation Discovery channel always has something good on. And last but not least, Teen Mom is going to have it's last season on MTV. It looks like it's going to be a good final season. Anyway that's some of the stuff, I've been watching lately. : )