Monday, June 25, 2012

School progress update. 3 years ahead in English with award saying so from Kumon and a Kokugo/Japanese award for Noah from the shogakko

I haven't updated the progress of Branden and Noah regarding their studies or how they are doing in a very long time. So here's an update.  This up above says, English, Kumon.
This award was given to Noah. And update and progress of sorts. It says on here he is indeed 3 years ahead for his age. Regarding his English reading and writing. I would say, by American native standards he is 1 full year ahead for his age regarding his reading and writing. But yes, by Japan's standards he is 3 years ahead. But, I'd say for a native speaker, his reading/writing ability is about 1 full year ahead. Never the less, I couldn't be prouder, because for many of us foreign mommy's in Japan, it is hard to teach them English reading and writing especially when they are living in a Japanese (speaking) dominent country. Where Japanese is everywhere. So it doesn't just come naturally. I work real hard at making sure Noah stays on track with regards to his reading and writing in English. I read to Noah every night. And we do the American English workbook once a week, we'll sit down for a while and learn something together and he loves doing this with me, some together time. And he also has English Kumon twice a week and interacts with other kids also studying English. Plus he does also have English at the elementary school also. So he does get lots of English writing and reading practice. And the speaking, we do at home and Noah's got a little American accent when speaking English. So in short Noah's English, he's right on track.
Branden, he's also right on track and his award/progress paper also says he's 3 full years ahead. Branden is amazing in English. He loves to read. I read to him also every night or have him read to me. : )  He writes cursive nicer then I do. @_@ I have no worries at all regarding Branden's English writing, reading or speaking ability. So regarding English, no problems for either of the boys at all.
And as far as Japanese, again they're right on track. Here Noah is switching hiragana to katakana. At my parent teacher conference at the Kumon last Friday while the boys were at elementary school. The Kumon sensei said, Noah loves katakana and he's breezing right through it.
More of Noah's stuff he's doing at Kumon.
Noah is having no problem with Japanese study at all.
This says 5th grade class #2. Branden gets weekly kokugo tests.
One of Branden's weekly tests.
Some more of Branden's weekly tests.. Branden's tests always come back very high. For all subjects. Branden is thriving at school. And thriving at Kumon also.  Noah's favorite subject? Math. He loves math. Branden also likes math.
Noah brought home this medal last week. He was so proud.
He didn't even know his teacher would be giving these out. So he was happily surprised.
In the first grade at our school, they want the child to read out loud each page/story from their kokugo book. The parents must listen and mark them off/check it off if they read it. Noah loves a challenge. So as soon as he received this white sheet, he wanted to read. He read each story so many number of times and we would mark him off. Even before bed, he'd once again rip his kokugo book out yet again and want to read it a few more times. On the weekends he wanted to read it 3 and 4 different times of the day. @_@ Slow down we'd say. He'd also get to school early and read it directly to the Yuka-sensei herself.  Yep even the Yuka sensei was captured into hearing Noah read, but she adores Noah so she doesn't mind.  Noah was the first in his class to finish his reading list, she gave him this award. Since then 3 other kids have also received one. He's now on page 2 for his reading list, Noah asked for an extra white sheet so he can continue reading.  The Yuka sensei also wrote a little note on the renrakucho saying..."Noah seems to love katakana. He's so good at it." Hmm, we heard something similiar from the Kumon sensei also. Anyway long story short yet again...Noah's doing so well at our local elementary school here in Japan and also Kumon. Branden is also doing really well. So school is going well for both kiddos. : )