Friday, June 22, 2012

Onwards and upwards

Wednesday of this week, June 20th, was my last day working for the English school I worked for.

For now, I’m just going back to being a housewife and mother. If I decide down the road I want to start teaching here at my house a few lessons a week, that’ll be fine too, but for now, I’m happy I won't have the huge long commute anymore and I look forward to just staying in my town versus having a 2 full hour commute (1 hour each way).  And the title of this post is in reference to the commute not the teaching aspect. The teaching part I loved, it was the commute that was the killer for me. So onwards and upwards more long commute for me. Ykwim. : )

I worked there happily for 1 year. However the drive to be honest with you was brutal. It was a 1 hour drive that way and a 1 hour drive back. Two hours round trip. So the driving and the distance of being actually THAT far away from home always bothered me and worried me, especially thinking about 3/11, what if disaster were to strike again, I shudder just thinking that. Somehow knowing I was indeed THAT great a distance away from my sons if anything god forbid did happen, I would be too far away to get to them. So that was always this little tiny worry for me in the back of my mind.

Also, for example before Noah graduated yochien. There was a flu going around the shogakko. Branden’s class was having many half days for 2 weeks straight almost daily. Twice during those 2 weeks, I was again 1 hour away. I meanwhile get a text message saying...all 4th graders get off at 11am. Parents must pick the kids up! Granted I picked Branden up every other single half day during those two week but yes 2 of those days I was very far away at work. The worry I felt in my heart, before I knew Noboru could indeed jump in and pick up Branden. Thank goodness Noboru was able to swing and get Branden. But again, for emergencies like I am a full hours drive away.

I didn’t quit even though the driving was brutal because frankly, I love teaching. I love kids! Kids are so cool! And I really liked my working partner. But when she quit in the beginning of April. It was just not the same after she left.  But the distance I was away from home was the main reason. And let's face it....I was happy Noah finally was in school in our town, FINALLY. And after driving Noah to yochien in the city nearest us for 3 years straight 5 days a week. And now Noah is finally going to school in our town. yet here *I* was the one with the commute from heck. So yeah...I'd like to do less driving. So this was just the right time to switch.  Besides I only worked 2 days a month anyway. But yeah, now I don't have to think or worry about being that great a distance away anymore. And now I can be there if the boys need me.  And now that Summer is approaching, all the better. So lots of free time for me. ; ) Time to clean the house, organize all the meals, laundry. And all the other things I'm usually off doing in the day time.  So nothings really going to change too much really at all.

I do have to say, working mom's, they rock! Nothing but huge respect coming from me.  Anyway this is a good move for me. So please just be happy for me : ) more long 2 hour roundtrip commute for me. Phew. And I left my job on good terms, I gave a month in advance notice actually 40 days in advance notice to be fair. They have a replacement so every things totally cool. And I feel really good about it. And they did understand, they know where my house is in comparison with the schools (both of them) and they do indeed know and acknowledge it was just too far. So no hard feelings either way.  : )