Saturday, June 23, 2012

New bike

Branden has outgrown his bike. He hasn't received a new bike since the first grade! @_@ All his friends bikes have been replaced and they've been riding bigger ones. And finally I said to Noboru, you know we should replace it. When I mentioned it, then Noboru started taking notice of all Branden's friends bikes. He was surprised. He said, you're right, Branden's bike is the smallest. We must do something about it. So, for the past 2 weeks we've been looking for a new bike for Branden. We did drive to Toys R us. Unfortunately bikes in the size we needed, 26, we're slim pickings. So we headed to Aeon, again in that particular size maybe 2 choices were there. So we searched online. All of his friends think mountain bikes are cool. Branden thinks so also. So, we found Branden this mountain bike.
In a bright orange-y yellowish color. It has 18 gears and for boys they want lots of gears. All his friends have 7 or 8 gears so Branden was thrilled we found him one with 18 gears.
Noboru was happy he found Branden a bike with Shimano transmission.

Front and rear suspension. Branden's last bike didn't have this.

Branden's over the moon. And he's been using it since last week when he goes and plays with his friends. I did tell Branden, be conservative, don't go telling everyone about it or anything. And he is very conservative. A few of his friends from the neighborhood know because they saw him ride it and then they asked and Branden just said yes. And they're all really happy for Branden because they know he's been waiting for a long time for it. : ) And the price of the bike. It wasn't too expensive. They have this at for 16,000 yen or something like that with free shipping, but Noboru actually found it cheaper and I think he got it for 14,000 yen from some other place online and with free shipping also. And Noah.....he still has his yellow bike he got from Santa (ahem)  and he also inherited Branden's old bike...and so he thinks he's Mr. Cool now because he says..."I have 2 bikes" Bless his heart. He doesn't mind used at all. : ) He's a good kiddo too. So he always keeps it positive.

And what are Branden and Noah doing this fine Saturday? Well, we did have our family breakfast today as usual. But also, Yuki called our house first thing this morning, he had his mom drop him off. And Branden, Noah and Yuki are now off down the rice field catching zarigani as I type. And after that they're going to be riding bikes.

Pizza Hut just opened in Narita about 2 weeks ago. Which that's pretty big news for us way here in the inaka. It's still too far for delivery because we don't live *that* close to Narita, to be included in the delivery area, lol. But we'll go and pick it up. Anyway, that's tonight's dinner plan... we will go and get some pizza from Pizza Hut and bring it home and have family movie night.

Ahh, the kids (Branden, Noah and Yuki) just came in the house for a pineapple popsicle, so I better go. ; )
These are so freaking good btw! : )