Monday, June 18, 2012

My dad's visit

I baked these 2 homemade loaves of banana nut bread the morning my dad arrived (though he didn't arrived until the afternoon) in Japan last Thursday. The day before Branden and Noah's observation day. So our whole family munched these Thursday, Friday and Saturday was when these were finally all gone. I know my dad loves banana bread which is why I made these. : )  Friday was of course observation day.
Saturday afternoon the 5 of us went to Capricciosa to celebrate Father's day for my dad since the actual Father's Day we wouldn't be together. The boys and I would celebrate Noboru on actual Father's Day. So this was really nice to have 1 day to celebrate with my dad. We had so much to eat. 2 salads, 1 was cesar and 1 was a garden salad.
Noboru and my dad get along really well, so they chatted and chatted, all of us talked and ate, talked and ate. It was nice.
Pizzas, 2 of them.
Breaded and fried rice and cheese ball. This is so good.
Two large servings of tomato and garlic pasta. We also had melon sodas. And we were all stuffed by the time we left.
A pic from Saturday evening. Noboru sadly had to be away at work, but the 4 of us enjoyed TV and 2 bowls of popcorn, Branden and I shared a bowl and my dad and Noah also shared their own bowl of popcorn. It was a nice way to spend the evening. Look at Branden stretching out on the couch. Everyone was very relaxed.
Sunday, the boys wanted for grandpa to join them to go zarigani catching along the tanbo but since my dad's leg was still injured he stood home. I explained to Branden and Noah we want grandpa to heal quickly and so for that to happen he needs to rest. That way next time, we see him, he'll be zipping around and ready for fun. They understood. They are good boys. So we waved them off. And off they went, with nets and bug boxes in hand and rainboots on in case any snakes or muddy water. Good protection for their feet and legs.
They could go directly down behind our house, but if you see the house in the pic with the strip of wood down the side of it. They walked right past that house and there's another way to get down to the rice fields from there. And it's a wider walkway for the boys to walk around down there. So it's just a 1-2 minute walk.
Aha, Mr. Dimples caught a zarigani minus 1 claw. @_@ All of these creatures didn't even stay the night they went back into the fields after they showed grandpa/my dad.  Noah caught a ton of stuff in his bug box. Then the boys walked back and brought them back to the fields. Came home and got cleaned up for lunch.  Noboru wanted to make us all dinner Sunday. Which was awesome of him. He said it was a Father's day dinner he wanted to cook for my dad albeit a week early, but it is the thought that counts. A pic of that below.
And Monday after the boys went to school and my dad and Noboru and I relaxed, we later went to lunch. We went to our favorite Indian restaurant.  I know we didn't do anything huge while my dad was here. But the main reason my dad came was because he wanted to spend time with us, his family, his grandsons, his one and only daughter. And his son in law. We also wanted to see him too. So to us, the trip, the time spent together was awesome, we all got the quality time we wanted. Granted we just saw each other a few months back. But we're a close knit family with my dad for sures. After lunch, we headed directly to the airport.
Like I always say, for us, it's never good bye but instead...a see you later. That hurts less. : ) And I watched my dad walk all the way into the building with my eyes. I sure do love you dad, I thought to myself and then we left the airport. And headed to the Aeon and Narita mall for swimming stuff for the boys for elementary school.
Here's what my dad brought. I didn't ask my dad for anything but he's thoughtful. He came with 4 packs of microwave bean and cheese burritos. I said..."4 packs.... Holy goodness." @_@ : ) he said, "yeah good for a quick snack for the boys." : ) 
He unpacked these and said, I know you often mention how hard it is for you to find cheese in your area especially colby jack...longhorn or cheddar. I shook my head and said, thanks. Wow, I was so happy. He actually brought me 2 longhorn blocks of cheese but I used one while he was here.

Pasta sauce.
4 pounds 3 ounces per bottle these are huge. I appreciate these dad. So thanks. : )
He said he knows Branden and Noah like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. : ) And he said reading my blog he sees Branden has been in a baking/cooking mode so he brought him a a cake mix with frosting. Seriously....thanks dad. : )
Thursday night the first evening he was here, I made a very simple dinner. Homemade chicken strips and homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. And a simple salad. To feed 5 people, 2 men and 2 growing boys plus me, I boiled huge amount of potatoes to make the mashed potatoes. Everyone was stuffed though and we all had banana bread for dessert. Plus it was a Kumon day for the boys. So it was a bit busy around here.
Friday, I decided to make Mexican food since I made American the day before. Considering I had to get the boys sent off to school before observation day started for us all. And get dressed and we spent the whole morning at the shogakko. When we got home around 11:45am-ish, is when like I said, I prepped for dinner. I fried the corn tortillas. Grated the cheese, the other huge block of longhorn, I used for these. And boiled 2 chicken breasts. Then shredded them and put seasoning on the chicken, before rolling them. I made red chicken and cheese enchiladas and green chili chicken and cheese enchiladas. And also rice and a salad. While my dad rested his leg. By the time we got back to the school for the disaster prep part, I was pretty tired from prepping dinner, gee dinner was 98% done. Rice was done. The enchiladas were done and wrapped in tin foil and sitting in the fridge until we got home. When we got home with the boys is when I whacked them in the oven. I was so happy Friday was here. I put my comfy black shorts on and a T, threw my hair in a pony tail, grabbed a Matsuya Cider with ice and got ready for enchilada night. We all enjoyed these that Friday night.  Saturday for lunch we had Italian. At the restaurant and us 4 had leftover enchiladas for dinner Saturday night. And then Sunday....Noboru cooked, which was a welcome change for me. He said, I'd like to cook, I said, cool.
These are size 6-8. These are the size of my hand and when they were straightened they were beyond that. These prawns were monster sized. We ordered these from rakuten. They were so delicious. A special treat since my dad would be here, we bought these a week before in preparation.. And I didn't cut or clean them Noboru did it all, I just couldn't believe how enormous they were so I asked if i could place one on my hand for this pic. : )
We all had 4 (except Noah). These were so good.
What Branden and Noah's plate looked like. Noah ate 3. Branden had 4 like the rest of us. Which we were glad Branden enjoyed them as much as we all did. My dad loves shrimp so he loved the ones Noboru made, they really were excellent. So that was Sunday....then Monday morning we had french toast which I made for everyone before sending the boys to school. We had Indian food for lunch and then we dropped my dad off at Narita airport like I said. It was just a really relaxing visit, we really didn't go anywhere specific or anything but we just enjoyed our time together. Anyway....that's all folks. ; )