Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Movie date today (Men in Black 3)

Heading to the movies this morning. Noboru and I are going on a date today. ; ) He bought the tickets online yesterday while I was making dinner last night (yakisoba) we were originally going to go last Tuesday, but that’s when I went to the salon for my summer hair trim and straightening (it just worked better for our schedule to delay the movie a week and have me head to the salon last week, since I can't wash my hair for 1-2 days after getting my hair done and knowing we have Branden and Noah's observation day this week plus a house guest coming to our house this week (yay), it just made more sense to get the hair thing done and outta the way last week). So a week delayed, but better late then never as they say and..... it’s something we’re really looking forward to today. So, we will see MIB 3, this morning. Can’t wait. Have a good day everyone. : )