Friday, June 01, 2012

Last Sunday's happenings in our neck of the woods

Let's see so, where did I leave off. Oh yes last Saturday, we spent the whole day basically doing things for the local elementary school. Which was nice, to lend a hand and to do our part and get it out of the way. Anyway, so Sunday was also a community clean up, but this time it was for our housing community. Basically clean up your street. We do regular maintenance on our yard so we had nothing to do where our yard is concerned but we did pitch in and help anyway, we did the edging for the vacant lot next door. Here are Branden and Noah jumping in and lending a hand last Sunday. It was a great way to chit chat with the neighbors. Boy Next Door's mom. The grandma next door is now the leader of the street this year. And we are thinking it will fall to us next year or the "boy next door's house."  The grandma next door passed out drinks to us all afterwards for a job well done. And then we went inside.
We woke up around 7am-ish Sunday morning. I made breakfast, bacon, eggs toast. Noboru and I had coffee and the boys had milk. So we ate before we went outside to the the community clean up. After the clean up was done, that was from 9-10am btw. I said, to the boys let's rest for 1 full hour. So we did. Then at 11am, we 3 jumped in, on the kitchen clean up, I just wanted to get a jump start on the weekly cleaning and I was glad I did. Noah did all the corners and helped with the baseboards with Branden.
I also soaked the 3 trashcans with hot sudsy soapy water.
Branden doing the baseboards. We also listened to music and sang.,while working. We also set the timer on the stove for 1 hour.
Branden antibacterial wiping the trashcan lids etc. American standard dishwasher and American free standing full size stove/oven in the background.
I meanwhile got on with the mopping after sweeping the kitchen floors first. At noon we were done and the kitchen was pretty much spic and span. I had very little kitchen clean up to do Monday. Very little. I made Branden and Noah lunch. I meanwhile had a salad. And besides bringing the laundry in, I was done after 12:30pm.
5 pillow cases dried since the early morning, even before I went and did the street clean up. Also washed up a jinbei and a few misc. shirts of Branden's and Noah's.
Branden's sheets were washed the day before. Sunday's was time for Noah's. After the first load of pillow cases and stuff dried first of course. Noah's sheets dried quickly and I then put his fresh bedding back onto his bed.
I had dinner in the crock pot. Like I have been mentioning on here for years, I often do the early prep before dinner. That always saves me. : ) I sat on the couch and enjoyed TV for the afternoon, which also recharged my batteries too. Branden meanwhile asked if he could make brownies. I said sure.
Like I said years ago, he is the writer of my shopping lists.... well now Noah writes them for me also. : ) Also, them reading the instructions on brownie boxes and the likes is so important. It's a good thing, I feel and something I've talked about on here a bit through the years. So it was nice for me to go lay down after snapping a pic or two of course. And just know and have the confidence that yes...he could bake these all by himself. And you know what....he did! Noah did come in and help too though.
Branden and Noah, you both did a great job with these brownies, they were delicious! Thank you. What a great Sunday we had, last week! : )

My plans this weekend?  Thankfully, no community or school clean up for me this weekend. : )  Besides, a load or two of laundry each day and cooking. I basically am not going to do too much. Enjoy watching the boys having country fun, I think they're going to go looking for zarigani tomorrow,  I'll sit outside on the back patio and watch them play in the tanbo/rice fields from up here. I'll also rest and also enjoy our American cable TV.  Weekend thank goodness you are here. : )