Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heading to Guam next week

We are taking Noah to Guam for his 7th birthday! Yep the entire family is heading back to Guam next week for Noah's 7th birthday for a couple of days and nights. This is going to be a cool birthday because Noah will be turning 7 years old on 7-7! LOL. Here's some pics from last time when we were there a few short months ago, in April.
On the bright side we already know what our room will look like. : )
Plus the boys can see grandpa. And we can swim, play at the hotel pool, play along the beach and when we're all played out, we can go to see a movie or two and eat something really delcious. We can't wait!
Anyone have anything special planned this Summer? Anyone going home? Camping? Bbq'ing?  Or just plain ol' relaxing and enjoying Summer, which is good too. Whatever your plans have a lovely Summer all of you. : )  Our Summer plans, are going to Guam. In July/next week. We'll also be bbq'ing a ton as usual. The boys will no doubt do the slip and slide in the backyard lots. And we'll also go to the pools here in Japan. And we are also trying to get to Hawaii, in August, if not September, but we'll shoot for August first.