Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun in the Japanese countryside

With the weather getting warmer. The boys have been looking forward to all the upcoming zarigani/crawfish catching, fishing, frog catching and beetle collecting just to name a few. This for me is one reason I love living here in the Japanese countryside. Every late Spring and whole of Summer, the kids of the inaka (countryside) start hanging outside.  You can hear games of korioni being played outside. Soccer balls being kicked and goals being made. : ) And all the "make believe" games these kids come up with also. "zombie games" lots of the boys in our neighborhood have nerf guns and 2 are usually the zombies and moan and make zombie noises while the foam bullets fly through the air and then they pick them up and they pick new zombies. @_@ It's good country fun. And I like that for the most part the majority of their Summer is spent outdoors in the fresh air and green tanbo/rice fields. I often see kids not only mine with bug boxes and really long nets walking through the tanbo behind my house and that is again something I look forward to every year. I went to the daiso and bought Branden and Noah 3 nets total. 2 are fishing/zarigari nets, nets to be used in the water. And the other is not really great for being in the water (though I guess you could if you wanted to) and more for insect collection. 300 yen for a whole Summer of fun. A pretty good deal in my mind. : ) And I don't mind replacing either if they get damaged or whatnot.
Two weekends ago. This last weekend my dad was here. : ) But the weekend before that, on that Saturday, Branden's best friend Yuki came over. He doesn't live in our housing community which is fine, just giving you a visual, either his mom or grandpa drops him off coming here and we'll drop him off after they play. ; ) So, Saturday morning, our family was having breakfast, our weekend big breakfast we look forward to all week. We had omelets, potatoes, bacon and toast. I knew Yuki would be coming that day. Which is why I made sure the house was ready the day before. It was 8:57am when he called. Bless his heart he could barely wait until 9am to call. Which is totally fine. He asked, is it too early to come? I can come now he assured us! : ) Branden looks at me like...can he, can he? I said absolutely.... now is fine. Quickly cleaned up the breakfast dishes by putting them into the dish washer. Wiped the kitchen table down. had the kids go upstairs quickly brush their teeth put their clothes on. They were still lingering in jammies. @_@ And I also slapped on a pair of jean capris, black top, put foundation on but that's it and put my hair into a pony tail since I was doing laundry outside that day. His mom dropped him off with his big green net and bug box.... a brief wave. And then the kids came in. They each had a drink in our kitchen (I have the ikea cups different color plastic ones)....let the 3 of them take their pick and left their 3 cups on the green counter all day long so whenever someone was thristy they knew where to find it..... went to the bathroom and left for about 2 hours (until the lunch bell rang). I could hear them 80% of the time, from the tanbo since it's literally behind our home and backyard and our area is superly quiet and also I could see them once in a while if they were going up and down closer to our house, which they did a lot. Yuki brought his bug box also and had his daily catch in his. This is what Branden caught up above.
Noah meanwhile didn't collect zarigani that day like Yuki and Branden did, though he was with them the entire day. He decided to collect frogs instead. I did however feel this was a bit too high a water level and had it halved after I took this pic. They were allowed to spend the night on the porch  and the next day the boys had to release them back in the fields where they caught them. Yuki-kun was going to go home for lunch and then come back afterwards. Which is normal if you live close. However since he lives sort of far (passed the elementary school) I suggested he have lunch here with us. So he did, he called his mom to ask if it was okay and she said yes. : )  After lunch more boys came by. And then Branden, Noah and Yuki went off playing with Keita and the Jinbei boy back into the rice fields they went. Anyway Saturday was a great day for the boys. They got plenty of exercise running all along the rice fields. : )
The day after, Sunday from two weeks ago. Noboru had bought Noah a fishing pole. He has bought Branden 2 so far through the years and Branden loves fishing with his dad.  He hopes Noah will enjoy fishing like he and Branden do.....so he bought Noah this yellow fishing pole.
Sunday morning. They were ready to leave to enjoy their guys fishing day.  That special dad and son bonding time.  And me, I was happy to see them have fun together and I knew how busy my weekend before this was with all the "clean ups" in the school and community" I was happy to have a "nothing to do" Sunday, I really liked my day of rest. : ) I did prep for dinner and did do laundry. But I mostly just enjoyed TV.
Noah caught many. And he had a blast with his dad and brother.
Branden caught a black bass.  Anyway, Summery country fun is in full swing here in our neck of the woods.  And you know fwiw, the boys have a Wii, however they aren't allowed to play it on weekdays though. yes, mean mommy. : ) Only on the weekends. And they have a DS lite and Branden and Noah also each have a Nintendo 3ds. And they can play those even on weekdays if homework is done beforehand of course also no ds after 7:30pm (I just don't want them to be addicted which they are far from it, but yeah...I do keep the playing in check). Sorry again mean mommy. : ) Anyway the only reason I bring this up is.... I notice with my own kids, they'll play their video games in the colder months, like Winter when they really can't go outside. Type of thing. But, I notice the DS and Wii often get ignored in the Summer time. I guess they just prefer to be outside doing country boy things like fishing or crawfish catching. I'm not really sure, but yeah I notice electronic games don't get much use in our household in the Summer time. Which is fine either way, as I always say each family's different we all have our own way of running things. : ) But yeah they tend to prefer to be out in the fields with long nets with their friends. : )  Of course they could always call their friends up for a dance battle or a few rounds of bowling on their Wii and that happened three times last Summer, so that's fine for a weekend, but mostly they are out and about in the inaka and I think that's good for boys. I really do....anyway that's a bit of what Branden and Noah have been up to.