Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

Branden and Noah baked this cake for Noboru for Father's Day. It was a yellow cake with delicious chocolate frosting, very simple but very good. This didn't last 24 hours in our house. Noboru loved it too much, so did the boys!
The weather for Father's Day in our neck of the woods was cloudy but it didn't rain. I had asked Noboru what he'd like to eat for Father's Day his choice, he said yakiniku, I said done! : ) However how would you like to spend actual Father's day? He said, "I'd really love to go fishing with the boys for an hour or so." I said,  "absolutely go as long as you want", so they went fishing Noboru and Branden and Noah until about 3pm. They made a whole day of it. Noboru was as happy as a clam going with the boys. Then they came home got cleaned up and we headed to have yakiniku around 4pm. We had so much beef! It was so good, we actually had 2 big platters. We also had veggies. Wrapped up our meat in lettuce leaves with rice. We had a drink bar. It was a very low key, Father's Day but a good one. One we all enjoyed.
Hi gorgeous!

 Anyway yeah it was a nice quiet simple Father's Day. And I was also happy we got to celebrate with my dad the week beforehand with the restaurant and also the ebi fry. So, I felt good, that both the guys in my life were well taken care of. : )