Sunday, June 03, 2012

Congrats on passing your swimming test...a new swim level for Noah

As most of you know, Noah followed in his big brothers footsteps regarding swimming. I guess it was Noah being at swim school every week with me while taking Branden and Noah growing up basically watching his brother swim each and every week with his friends through the glass window upstairs that had such a positive affect on Noah, made him want to swim too. That he used to watch through the window upstairs and wish to be downstairs and also swim.  So as soon as Noah hit age 3, we signed him up. Actually we went and signed him up July 1st and waited until July 7th and I think he swam the very next day first time as a lesson, though he swam tons before while on vacation but that was just splashing fun. Boy oh boy did Noah love it! And has loved every minute of it ever since! He has passed every level in flowers and has now passed the hardest parts of swimming. To pass level 7, you must show that you not only know the butterfly you must swim back and forth, and the butterfly must be precise and flawless. As you can see from his award, May 23rd was test day. All my yochien mama friends were at the school that day also. Many of Noah's classmates down in the pool that day too. Noah tested and he passed! We were so proud. Noah was so proud. All his classmates ran and told their mom...Noah-chan passed his test. Ohhhh the mothers said, congratulations they told him and me. They were so excited for Noah. Thank you, I said. : )  I blushed, I can't help it, it just happens.... but yeah it is nice to feel supported by your friends and we do the same.
Now there is nothing more to learn at our swim school, now it's all going to depend on speed. Can you make it under the specific time. Since Noah passed all the levels for showing and proving he in fact had the skills and techniques down already. Also, Noah is very young for his skill and level. So he is in the 6 years and under category and they gave us this paper and this will show how fast you need to make the lap back and forth depending on how old you are.
He's been using this swim cap forever, so it was time to get a swim cap. So, a new swim cap and a new swim number to sew on. Which I did.
Look how tiny Noah is. These were taken last week, Noah's first time to swim in the level 6 lane. There are only 2 ichinensei in that swim level. Noah and Sakura-chan. Everyone else is a 2nd-6th grader. Many of them 5th and 6th graders. So yeah they look super tiny compared to most of them. : )
Go Noah go!
Hi, my wonderful boy!
Then it ends about 5 minutes early and the kids can just play.  Of course the 2 littles and former good pals from yochien gravitated to one another right away. So Noah and Sakura-chan hopped on and had a blast together.
Look at her smiling so much at Noah! She really really likes him, they've been very good friends since age 3! Thanks to yochien. And Noah thinks she's just the bees knees! : )  They were 2 little lambs together when they were pink badges for the Christmas play years ago if you recall. Back in the day and I have a cute pic of Noah, H and S all together on the monkey bars at yochien. So yeah....they are very good friends. And nice they can still meet up weekly thanks to swim school.
And see the boy sitting on the side? That's their very good friend Ryo-kun. Remember I said, he would be going to an elementary school all by himself, meaning no one from yochien lives near him, he lives super far near Cainz. But yeah he can still meet up weekly and always have a good catch up, with S, H and Noah, etc. He was not playing because he is in a different swim level, also Hikaru was also there and a few other kiddos but they are all in different swim lanes, except for Noah and S. : ) But they do get to play before swim class and after all the kids from our former yochien. And us mom's get a good hour and a half catch up. So we all stay in the know with everyone. So that's good. Anyway, congratulations Noah! Well done kiddo! You earned it, you worked really really hard for this pass! : )