Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Coming to Japan tomorrow and a few other bits for good measure

Tomorrow my dad is coming to Japan for a visit. Branden and Noah are over the moon happy! Lots of getting ready for me today. I’ll be running the vacuum upstairs and downstairs as soon as I post this. Both toilets already swooshed. Getting the room ready. And a quick run to the grocery store to get a few items later this afternoon.

A typhoon is also approaching? @_@ Figures. ; ) Please just pass us...or fizzle out and lose some steam. The boys went to school in raincoats just in case, also both carrying umbrellas also. Noboru is off work today, so he’ll be here to help me for whatever, if I need it.

The movie yesterday? Fantastic. You remember how I said, I liked the first MIB. I mean I didn’t run out and buy the dvd but it was nice..... The 2nd MIB was one I wasn’t all too crazy about. But this one...MIB 3, was GOOD! Best MIB of the 3, Noboru thought so too. The story was great.

Branden and his class are baking cake at school today. So he’s looking forward to baking and eating cake with his classmates. They did a lot of sewing yesterday. Meanwhile last week, they went collecting fish from the fields. They have very tiny fish, all the kids in make shift tanks. All the kids were given notes to bring a square 2L bottle to class, and they cut them sideways and so his class is now watching and studying the life cycle of their super tiny fish. Some fish are laying eggs. Some of his classmates fish are not. By the sounds of it, Branden is having a blast at school.

Noah is too. His friends came over yesterday. They come over to play every few days, they also ride their bikes in the neighborhood. He has homework and he loves it. He had a test last week and got 100%. So things are going well both both of the boys.

Observation day. And mock disaster day/disaster prep day is this coming Friday. You can watch any class throughout the day. So my dad and I will be watching Noah’s 1st class, then going upstairs and watching Branden’s 2nd class. And then we might leave or we might go back and forth all day long who knows. : ) I know my dad finds their school interesting. So we might just make a whole day of it. Then at 2:40pm-ish all the kids will gather in the school field. Every child must have 1 parent show up for them and then you are supposed to walk all the way home. With your child. If you recall last year, or was it the year before? Anyway, like (and I am not exaggerating) 98% of all the parents had parked along the way (many flat out right at the plaza) and did not walk home like the school suggested. By the time the kids passed the first rice field, there was only about 2 parents and kids walking. The rest all drove home. Boy Next Door’s mom drove passed and everyone else too. So, this year....I really might just have a “when in Rome” type thinking this year. And if the majority of the school is going to do that...then, so am I. I know...I know I shouldn’t break the rules. But I’m human and yeah you feel like a dork walking all the way home when everyone else is just passing you in their cars like......sucker! Unless, my dad just wants to walk, then in that case, I’d be wiling to give it a go yet again (Noboru walked last year, I had a PTA thing last year at the yochien is why and I walked the years before and yes we both were shocked each year how nobody really actually walked home). @_@  Anyway, we will see, how we get home this coming Friday from disaster prep day (something I am really debating about in my head this week/internal conflict thing happening here). Anyway so that will be this Friday.