Monday, June 18, 2012

Branden's 5th grade over night trip

Last Wednesday, June 13th Branden and all the 5th graders of our school went on an over night trip. We all knew about this since a month and a half ago could be 2 months beforehand even. They would have a huge bonfire. They would cook and eat outdoors. And also cook inside the cooking facility. They would sleep inside the building. And get to take baths together all the boys in one room and all the girls in another room. Japanese baths are fun, you shower first and then there are many different hot baths to soak in. So this over night trip was something all the kids were looking forward to. 2 weeks before we were given this booklet. It had a list of all things Branden must have with him.

We get weekly papers and these pics were posted in the weekly bulletin. All the kids made pizza and pasta. They did a craft project. Then the group photo of them. They also all cleaned up together.
Bonfire, where the kids sang songs. They also had a walking rally. They did so much for just a short 1 over night stay. Wednesday morning, when I dropped off the boys, I knew Noah would be at school, but the 5th graders would actually be leaving the school by 8am. So they left the school Wednesday morning and did not return back to our town until the next day at 3pm.
The note of what to bring said, mini shampoo, mini body wash. Rain was also expected they suggested a folding umbrella since they were walking a 4.8km walk and it could fit in their backpacks. So check, check and check. : )
The note also said, toiletry kit that has essentials for their bath/shower, and teeth brushing etc.
I have this kit they give you on a long flight on Delta, so it had toothpaste, mini toothbrush, Korres face moisturizer and Korres shea butter lip cream. Tissues and a wipe.
The note also said, bath towel and chisai towel, and I packed Branden's scrubby nylon mesh just in case and he said everyone brought theirs too, so he was happy I packed it. I also packed a mini face wash. This was given to the kids at school 2 weeks before.
Packed everything up inside the bag.
I asked which mini brush, he'd like to take since we had 2. He picked Spongebob and so he went into the kit also.
I separated everything and I said this is everything "bath stuff" and then put it into a bag.
I then said this is everything..."in case it rains." : ) And then wrapped it into a bag.
The note said to bring 2 backpacks. 1 for the walk rally and 1 for the over night stay. Also the note said no PJ's everyone must sleep in their school gym uniform. Check and check. The note also said to pack 2 uniforms in case they sweat. And 2 outfits in case 1 gets dirty. Gee that's a lot to pack into a backpack. So I split the stuff in both the backpacks.
The note also said, to bring an apron and head scarf. Since they will be baking pizza and making pasta. The kids were so excited about this. Oh and Branden said someone spilled something all over and everyone had a cloth apron. We also have a cute cloth polka dot apron here at home, but I sent him with this plasticy (nylon maybe) type one...I just had a feeling it would come back wild from the camping trip. And good thing I did, he said some girl spilled something and everyone was soaked and he said it just rolled right off his hibiscus apron, for which I bought at the Daiso a year or two ago. : ) Daiso is selling a lot of aprons around here for the past few years. Cute ones, cloth ones and the nylon kind.
Packed up his cooking stuff all in a tiny bag and said...everything you need for cooking is in here. Basically it's easy for you to find what you are looking for versus if I just threw everything all wildly in the backpack. So this helped him a great deal the way I separated everything. The note also said to bring gardening gloves. I packed Branden with 2. And good thing I did, because apparently a boy in his class forget his and Branden gave him the spare.  Right on Branden. : )
Barf bag. Our school always asks for each child to bring one. My kids don't get car sick, but I still pack it since it's on the list. Again I packed 2 for Branden in case someone needed one. : )
The craft project Branden made. I love it. : ) It's something to hang on his door.  They each already have something like this on both their doors, but I think, I'll take Branden's down and put this one he made up instead. He was so proud of this! He darkened the wood in the fire. And he even painted the back white, I asked him if everyone did that? Branden said, "no, only I did that and the reason is because I noticed my hands turned dark when touching the front and I was afraid if we hung this at home the back would turn my white door black. So that's why I painted the back white. I sat there know, that actually makes perfect sense if you think about. I think you can see a pinch of the white underneath if you look close. Anyway I understood why he did that. Good thinking kiddo.