Sunday, May 20, 2012

Noah's first ensoku as an ichinensei

Friday, May 11th, was Noah's first grade class field trip. The first graders were to go to the Yume Bokujo for the entire day. I packed Noah a lunch. We also had to give Noah 300 yen inside a little envelop for some farm fresh ice cream. The choice of ice cream was, green tea, milk flavor or chocolate chip. Noah picked chocolate chip! So we filled out the form and checked chocolate chip. I remember when Branden had this very same ensoku when he was a first grader, they went to the same exact place. : )
The note said they need no randoseru that day. And I packed what was on the list and placed it into Noah's Mario backpack. His striped orange and yellow raincoat inside a grocery bag. To avoid spillage ykwim, just in case, it was fine but, just had to make sure. I also packed Noah's obento, chopsticks, wet wipe/napkin and a dry napkin. Put it into his obento bag and into the backpack it went. I also packed a spare trash bag for extra trash. And a ziplock bag for his snacks he is to enjoy after he eats his lunch and a few extra to share and trade with his friends. Which he did. I dropped the both of them off at the plaza that morning, and I sat and waved. Took this picture and 2 others. And smiled. And then drove off.
They took a limousine bus to the bokujo. And how they decide to drop off the kids is instead of dropping off the kids at school. And us all going to the school to get our kids. They drop off the kids according to area. For us, all the kids who live in our housing community who are in the first grade were to be dropped off at the entrance of our housing community at 1:50pm. So, I walked through all the flower lined walkways. And left the house at 1:40pm. got there around 1:45pm. And I met up with my fellow mom friends, and 1 grandpa who also went and picked up their kids from there. I was chatting with Kaito/Kouki's mom. Since I've known her longest since our 2 older sons are the same age, so for 5 years we've known each other. Next another mother came and she joined our chit chat. So the 3 of us chit chatted. I saw Lily-chan's mom but she sat far away from everyone, but in her defense she could just be shy, which is okay it takes time to get to know all of us, I know. And a grandpa was siting farther away also.  And then a lady carrying a 2 year old baby also came and picked up her ichinensei and she seemed very nice and friendly. About  9 kids came out of the bus at our stop. So some parents didn't come to pick them up, which is totally fine it was right near their houses anyway.  I waved Kaito-kun and his mom a goodbye and they did the same and then Noah and I walked passed the tennis courts and down the flower lined walkways yet again to our house. Noah came home talking a mile a minute. He had a BLAST! I asked, who did you sit with at lunch? He said, " oh it was great, I sat with my gang." My face! @_@ You have a gang?! Yikes are you sure?, I said!!!! He said, well okay not REALLY a gang.. (I said good! : ).. but I sat with my 5 best guy friends, I always hang out with and we all spread our sheets next to one another and ate near each other. Talked about, our favorite Nintendo DS games. Soccer and swimming and stuff. We all shared snacks too.  We all went and saw the goats together, all the animals together. He just went on and on and on and on. @_@ It makes me happy though Noah's fitting in so well at school.
Play dates! Noah has his ichinensei pals come over to our house. They come over about twice a week. Like clockwork. And it's totally fine in fact it makes me happy they feel comfortable enough to come. Their mom's feel safe that their kids are at my house, which they are. This is Noah and Kaito in this picture. They are becoming superly close friends. Because, #1, their older brothers have been in the same class for like I said, 5 years.  Noah's dad and Kaito's dad are both in the "Father's club" and both us mom's are involved at the shogakko. In fact we are both volunteering next weekend to pick up old newspapers etc in our own cars and bring them to the school. We are both reps for the 5th grade class for our housing community this year. Just very similar type families.  Also, probably the most simplest reason could be....they simply just get along, Noah and Kaito. Plain and simple.  Noah is a very laid back personality and so is Kaito-kun.  I can see them end up becoming best friends, you wait and see. : )  And ohhhh, they both swim. Kaito swims for the rival school, Noah does. But that's okay. That doesn't matter. They are becoming super friends.
This pic was taken from the same day as the pic up above. Branden went outside to play with Kaito and Noah. I brought out some apple juice with ice.  Kaito-kun came inside to use the restroom, which was so cute, he said...."ojamashimasu.", I said dozo. And then when the bell hit 5pm and the music played in the neighborhood I asked Branden and Noah to escort Kaito-kun home. To make sure he was safe. They said his mom was outside gardening and she waved and smiled that Branden and Noah walked him home.
This pic was taken yesterday, on Saturday. Branden in the black shirt. Kaito going on the yellow rope stairs. And Naoki-kun, in the striped shirt on the blue stairs. And Noah's shadow on the grass, he was kicking the soccer ball around and the broom was the divider for both sides. : ) Naoki-kun is also one of Noah's new ichinensei friends and he also lives in our housing community. He also goes to Kumon with Noah. Also another of Noah's ichinensei classmates also attends Kumon with Noah also. So Noah and 2 of his classmates are also going to the same Kumon along with Branden. Which makes sense since it's closest.  So long story short Noah is doing really well at school.  He has a ton of friends. And Noah's first ensoku, a complete success. : )

I almost forgot to add. I went to our former yochien about 3 weeks ago, to pick up the graduation DVD and some pics. From the goodbye curry and the last ensoku. I went while the boys were at school. I went around 11am-ish. It felt a bit weird parking in the parking lot again. Nice still, but different though. I ran into the office and got the DVD and pictures. Chit chatted with the secretary for a few minutes and then left. As I was walking in the school grounds the Yayoi-sensei came running out of the baragumi class. She teaches the bara class now, I guess. : ) She came running out and said...."excuse me"...I turned around and I said and smiled, "ahh Yayoi-sensei. So nice to see you." "How is Noah-kun?", "He is doing just fine" I said. Huge smile, from her, "I knew it" She replied. "Please tell Noah, I said hello".... "I sure will"... I said. And "see you this summer for the summer festival", I said. (Former students are always given an invitation by mail for the year after they graduate.) "I am so glad you all will come", she said. It was lightly raining while we talked and I could hear raindrops on top of my umbrella during our talk. I waved and ran to my car. : )