Friday, May 04, 2012

My first ever 2 observation days at once

April 21st, was a Saturday and it was my first observation day times 2 for both Branden and Noah. And this was also Noah's first ever observation day as a first grader! Since it was a Saturday, both boys needed an obento. Rice balls (Noah's with aji-nori and Branden's without) they also had karaage, steamed broccoli, cheese and butter baked potato. Fresh fruit assortment and a slice of roll cake each. With napkin and Mario thermos with iced tea.

Every first grader has their face on a plate with name on it outside the one and only ichinensei classroom.
34 kids, that is a lot of kids. Branden's class is 20 each class. Noboru was upstairs in Branden's class for the first 30 minutes.And I was downstairs in Noah's class for the first 31 minutes. I asked Noboru to come down to Noah's class since Noah's younger and a newbie to this shogakko stuff. So Noah was never alone. Noboru stood in my spot and I left and headed upstairs. Branden was only without a parent in his class for about 1 minute, I tried to get myself to his class as fast as humanly possible, but knew also he's a patient kid and he knew we were worried about Noah.

The class I observed/watched for Noah was kokugo (Japanese class) I enjoyed the class. I chit chatted with Sera's mom and dad.  Chit chatted with Adele and head nodded greeted Kouki/Kaito's mom and a few others. But I enjoyed the class a lot. I also told the Yuka-sensei, I had the 5th grade meeting afterwards that I had to be there, but I asked to be the PTA safety person for the first grade class. This is an easy job for our area you just drive around and switch signs that need replacing. I am not sure if I got the job, but I hope so. Better for me to just get it done and over with.
So, I now make my way up 2 flights of stairs and I am there lickety split. The head teacher walks room to room checking each class and bows to us parents. He's on the right near the door, he saw me in the first grade class and yep we saw each other once again as he was making the rounds in the 5th grade class also. I observed Branden's science class. That's Saya-chan sitting next to Branden in the aqua and orange polo type top, she has the pony tail with bow in her hair. I meanwhile sat at the back of the class chatting with Saya-chan's mom and also the jinbei boys mom and Kanamei-kun's mom (he was wearing the jacket that said 1973) and the jinbei boy is 1 row ahead of Kanamei, sitting next to the girl in white that is wearing glasses who just turned around to talk/look to the other girl. I was also listening and enjoying the class. Then after that you have 3 meetings at our school. 1 school meeting for all parents. Then you have a class meeting (I have 2 sons here and so 2 class meetings, so I'll have to pick which to go to each time which is fine unless Noboru is available and he can go to the opposite meeting I am at, ykwim) and then we have an "by area" for us that means for parents of elementary kids who live in our housing community. So yeah they do sort of meeting you to death, but I'm sort of used to it.

All in all, I really enjoyed both observation days. I didn't encounter any problems with both of the boys having them at the same time at all. And this time when they had off school on that Monday, since they went to school that Saturday, it was actually a real day off. Last year I still had to take Noah to yochien on a Monday when Branden had an observation day off on Saturday and had Monday off. This time though, Monday we all slept in. I am also going to be helping out for Branden's class at the recycle day for our town. It's twice a year and it's a huge event for our town. I will be driving my car around the end of May with 4-5 other mom's and we'll be collecting old newspapers and magazines from our housing community and driving them to the shogakko/elementary school. This way I did PTA for Branden's 1st grade class and now I'm doing this for Branden's 5th grade class also. So, I am pretty much done helping for Branden's class. Though I can still help if I asked, but at least I did the required amount. And as for Noah's class I am hoping to get elected the safety patrol this time. If not, well I'll try for next year.

Noah has his first ensoku coming up, May 11th. And Branden has an overnight sleep over trip in June sometime for the 5th graders. My life is like 5000 times easier now that both the boys are in the same school. For that I feel really happy. : )