Friday, May 11, 2012

Movies with friends this coming Monday and also the Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp opens in Japan next week and a few other bits

This coming Monday, I have a movie date with my girlfriends, Noriko and the Jogo-san. We are going to the morning movie and then to lunch, while all our kids are at school. We will be going to see the Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts movie, Larry Crowne. Our friendship is a good one, one that lasts whether our kids all attend the same yochien and even beyond. Their girls all go to the same shogakko, in the small city nearest us. While Branden and Noah attend the shogakko off in the inaka. But we all still live close. Have tons in common and it’s just a match. I can’t wait to see them this coming Monday. And the movie and lunch afterwards is just icing on the cake really. : )

Dark Shadows starts in the US, today, May 11th for them. But for us in Japan it starts May 19th. So a week delay, so that’s not too bad. I keep seeing the previews on TV here and they look so funny. I can’t to see that movie. Noboru and I will be going to see this as soon as it comes out. I can’t wait. It looks hilarious.

My working partner quit. We have worked at the 2 hoikuens together since last July. Last month, we taught, I went into her car so we could go over the days lesson like we usually do before we enter the school. And she said, “I’m quitting work and so today is my last day” Talk about shock. @_@ I said...who will replace you? She said, oh she will watch today's lesson so she should be here any second. Double shocker. @_@ She arrived and entered the car in the backseat. She watched our April lessons both of them. When we entered the hoikuen. My working partner said to the is her last day. The look of utter shock on the hoikuen staffs face also. @_@ I see they were as stunned as me. : ) So anyway....I’m working with someone else now. I work with her for the month of May twice. And that will be, this coming Tuesday and this coming Wednesday. My last working partner and I knew each other so well, from teaching that our teaching together was seamless the lessons went flawless..... we could teach together the kids would laugh the hoikuen teachers would get into it even. I would know what she was about to say before she said it and vice versa. I hope my new working partner and I become like that. I know it will take time.

TV Talk. I’ve been watching so many good things on TV lately. The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt! This is a new TV show. And it’s a hit already. It’s such a good show. Long Island Medium. American Dad. Family Guy. Welcome to Sweetie Pies, this is a reality show and it’s on the OWN channel (Oprah Winfrey Network). I also like watching House Hunters and House Hunters International is really good. Love It or List It is also a great show. I also like to watch this show called Disappeared, it’s about a person who just vanished, usually abducted. And they show you their story. Who they were as a person. And then who took them. And I still watch Cold case, this is more a TV show and actors and stuff versus it being real like in Disappeared, but Cold Case is good also. And I like the character Lily Rush. It’s hard not to like her or feel for her. Cold Case comes on like 3 times a week and they’ll have a few hours of them. So I look forward to watching those also.

Sister Wives is starting back up again and I’ve been seeing the previews for the upcoming season, I can’t wait.

I’ve still been walking like crazy. even yesterday morning after I sent the boys to school, and hung the laundry. I went for a 20 minute walk through my neighborhood. Came home and then cleaned the house. At noon I was done and then just sat and enjoyed TV for the rest of my Friday.

I’m sure by now most of you have heard that the Beastie Boys Adam “MCA” Yauch has passed away at age 47 of cancer. This left me feeling incredibly sad.I grew up listening to the Beastie Boys. probably one of my all time favorite groups. I remember buying licensed to Ill all those many many years ago. Paul Revere. Girls. Brass Monkey, gee the list goes on. As years and albums passed..., Hello Nasty, (Intergalactic, is amazing), Ch-Check It Out. etc. etc. etc. Just very sad.

Paul Revere lyrics...”"Now my name is MCA, I got a license to kill, I think you know what time it is, it's time to get ill....”

Those of you with Blogger, do you like the new changes? Have you gotten used to the changes? You know, at first I was afraid blogger was making such big changes, I'll be honest. I was greatly worried. the first time I uploaded some pictures on this blog with the new interface, I was worried. Would I like this? I usually share a lot of pics and if I can't put pics up or have trouble doing so. Maybe I won't like this new updated system. but you know what, having used it now for a few weeks. I really like it. And I'm even getting used to it. So, not bad at all. Even regarding pictures, some things are even easier then before.

Happy Saturday everyone. : )

PS, yes my health check. Everything went fine. I have no problems with my cholesterol, it's actually a tad low (the bad cholesterol what you don't want high at all, is a tad low and the good cholesterol, like found in avocados etc, my test for that cholesterol was normal), so they were quite happy with my cholesterol levels and so was I). My mammogram was clean. My blood pressure is fine. No cancer anywhere. Basically I am in perfect health. However, they said I am slightly iron deficient, just ever so slightly. And to take an iron supplement, which I bought a box for like $2.30 US (cheap) And I've been taking them daily. Noboru on the other hand has slightly high blood pressure. This worried me about Noboru. But other then that, he's healthy also.