Monday, May 21, 2012

How my movie date went last Monday and also the movie tickets have been bought and reserved for tomorrow

How my movie date went with my girlfriends last Monday! It was awesome! We bought our tickets to Larry Crowne. And then we went into the movie. In Japan, you pick your seats when you buy your tickets. So we found our seats right away and saw the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie or are worried about hearing about it. Don’t finish this paragraph. Spoiler alert. Tom Hanks, plays Larry Crowne. It starts out that he works at a big Target/Kmart/Wal-Mart type of store. He truly seems to enjoy his job. Enjoys his coworkers. It showed them laughing and talking, with many of them. Anyway, 10 minutes into the movie or sooner he gets fired. He gets fired because he has no college education, but did serve 20 years in the Navy. They were very cold about it. They paged him to go to the back. His coworker will probably be picked to be employee of the month! He was excited. And went in the back. They then say....basically you have no college education so you can't advance in the job any further and that’s against our policy type thing. And he gets watery eyes but doesn’t cry. He says....But I thought.....I thought I was going to be employee of the month! Now at that point, you can’t help but feel for him. He’s devastated. And basically that’s what the whole story is about. I won’t give the plot or the ending away. But, at least you get a glimpse of what it is about. It was a thought provoking movie. And I enjoyed this very much. Apparently this movie is already on DVD in America? @_@ Because I mentioned this movie to my dad on Skype last week and he went and rented it. Watched it at his condo and he also seemed to enjoy it. Anyway, after the movie, my friends and I went to Coco’s for lunch. I had the spaghetti lunch set and drink bar. We didn’t know at the time, but 4 mother’s from Noah's graduating class from our yochien, who now have ichinenseis were also at Coco’s. LOL. So, we sat across from them. Noah’s former classmates mom’s basically. Sakura-chan’s mom was there. And a few others. That was fun. Anyway, us 3, Noriko, The Jogo-san and I talked about the Larry Crowne movie at lunch. We also got to catch up how their daughters are doing at school. They asked how Noah is doing. I said, he’s doing fine. And we sat there enjoying our time from 11:45am-ish to about 2:40pm-ish, and then I had to go and get Noah. It takes a bit of time to be to get back to our town. And I went and made sure I was at the plaza by 3pm. So anyway that was my movie date last Monday. : )

Last Friday, May 18th, Noboru and I got online and we ordered our movie tickets to Dark Shadows. First we were going to see this just us 2. But then after watching the boys enjoying the commercials for it so much, I said to Noboru. They should come with us, he agreed. So Tuesday is the cheapest day at our closest movie theater. 1,000 yen each person. Cheap for Japan, but still expensive if you compare it to movie prices in America. We also picked our seats already. We will be going to the 6:15pm showing of Dark Shadows in English, Japanese subtitles. You can also see it dubbed in Japanese if you choose in a different theater. And we will be seated in row G, seats 11,12,13 and 14. We will put Branden and Noah in the 2 center seats and we will be the buffer on the outside. So tomorrow, Noah gets out of school at 3pm. I will pick him up at the plaza, he will come home, go to the restroom. Do his homework as fast as possible. And then at 3:45pm, I will go back to the plaza and get Branden. Bring him home, he’ll go to the restroom. He can do 30 minutes of his homework. I will have dinner made from the afternoon. We will leave the house at 5pm, so they basically have 1 full hour to eat and do homework. Noah has 2 hours, so he has plenty of time. So eat as quickly as possible, homework as quickly as possible. Branden might do some homework whatever's left when he gets home. Anyway that is the plan for tomorrow. Everyone is looking forward to it. I keep asking...what’s Tuesday? The boys say...Dark Shadows.  : ) Anyway, everyone is ready and excited to go to the movies tomorrow.

Two greats recently died. Donna Summer and Robin Gibb (Bee Gees). Very sad.

Anyone hear about John Travolta and what the masseur claimed. Two people came forward. One dropped the lawsuit already. If it’s true or not, I don’t know. And if they lied about this, then shame on them!
As you can see, my walking and keeping fit is still going strong. I walk 1 lap around my housing community in the mornings, that's 20 minutes and 1 lap at 5pm every evening with the boys, that's another 20 minutes. Usually Noah rides his yellow bicycle around with us, while Branden and I briskly walk. So 40 minutes is my daily minimum and it barely takes no time at all. The other night the boys enjoyed our walk so much we did 2 laps in the evening. So my daily for that day was a 60 minute walk. I also will do treadmill, about 3 times a week for about 20-40 minutes, whatever I am in the mood for. And I am still doing my core exercises, 3 times, a week still too, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  I am also thinking when I should head to the salon again. I haven't had a trim since the end of February. I want a trim and a thermal hair straightening again, maybe this week. My hair is really starting to grow out again.