Thursday, May 03, 2012

Goodies brought back from Guam

Goodies brought back to Japan this time, as usual if you're curious enjoy, if not, skip this particular post.
We did the paper work beforehand and also spent some time in quarantine, while the inspectors ran their inspections on our stuff.
12 packs of bacon total. 3 packs in each 1 big box. 3lbs each box.
Perfect for fajita night or making a sandwich wrap.
A fast snack. Bean and cheese burrtios.
Rice is just so much cheaper, in the US then here in Japan. It was well over half the price of what we pay for rice in Japan. And plus we're not picky about the rice we eat. We ate this in Honolulu, when we used to live there and so did the other guys who were sent there from NWA/Delta and we all liked this rice just fine. 40 pounds of rice. The quarantine officer said lots of people have been bringing in rice this whole past year for personal use, he said the numbers have increased big time.
Cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the boys, 4 boxes and 1 banana nut Cheerios for Noboru and I.
Irish cream for coffee, Mrs. Butterworth's. Black pepper, parmesan cheese and sliced pickles.
Variety pack of chips this was so cheap, I saw many Japanese throwing this into their carts. It was the sale of the week when we were at Kmart. Too good a deal to pass up.
Chips and salsa.
In the US, we could go to Taco Bell, or find an authentic restaurant nearby for a good price. Here in Japan, I'd basically have to get to Tokyo if I wanted Mexican food. That's just way too far, too expensive for the quality of food we get back so  not worth it for me. So, I bought a cookbook years ago and there ya go. : ) Beans and green chili, tostadas, etc.
Cinnamon roll pudding and brownie mix flavored pudding.
Huge size of Country Time lemonade getting ready for the Summer weather. And popcorn for family movie night.
So when we were flying to Guam this time, the salad came with a delicious balsamic vinegrette. Noboru loved his salad and so did I. Kids too. Noboru and I saw this at Cost U less and said, hey we all loved the one so much let's get this. So come Summer and we start eating tons more salads we'll be ready.
Most of our actual dinner meal stuff we buy all the ingredients in Japan. But it's the dessert stuff we often miss. Blueberry muffin mix, lemon cake mix remember we got that lemonade frosting in Honolulu this past March will be delicious this Summer. Also a red velvet cake mix and a box of brownie mix. It's peace of mind knowing you have a small taste of back home if you want.
These are so good! Reese's peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip bars. This is a mix you bake them at home and there are 3 packs in this huge box. We made 1 pack of these last week, so good!
Buffalo wing powder and ranch for dipping. Ravioli and chili beans without meat.
Cherry jello for the warmer upcoming months. Almond Joy pieces. And a few extra snacks for family movie night.
Toothpaste, face wash, Persa-gel (for the occasional blemish.) And school glue.
Noboru's deodorant, again prepping for the warmer weather.
My deodroant, The Secret mineral lemongrass mint whatever is good, it's my fave actually. The Dove is to mix things up. And the Irish Spring one smells like the soap. Really fresh.
Shampoo for Noboru and I. Antacids and iron tablets. The iron tabs are for me, my health check came back and said I should use an iron supplement. But the rest of me is healthy and fine. So iron tablets check!
Womens medium (width) size 8 1/2
Black ballet flats with bow. The price was more my speed.
Girly things. And don't laugh, it's better to be clean. : )
Cheese. And biscuits. I live far away from Costco. And cheese is hard to get where I live in the country side. Or expensive. I bought store brand, Western family. I don't mind generics or store brands at all. And now I have cheese. Phew.  
Gap and Old Navy orders. Summer and the warmer weather is almost upon us. And if you are a parent, like me at all you may start to think, time to get the kids Summer clothes started. We're the same way. Also trying to do this as affordably as possible. I wait until Gap and also ON have 30%-35% online codes to use. Otherwise I won't order. I just won't. I had 2 orders waiting at my dad's condo so I could bring them back to Japan. Which is what I did.
Noah's things.
This is the pic from Gap and Noah's is in the pic above. We love this shirt! Will be perfect for Summer.
These are the coolest shorts! I liked the yellow and orange plaid in bits. Also appreciated the hibiscus in bits also. These shorts rock! So Noah got a pair and so did Branden.
The day I ordered these they were on sale the t-shirts themselves also I used the 30% off code and got these for Nishimatsuya prices. A price I was very happy about. Getting quality clothes at cheap prices makes me happy. Typical mom stuff. : )
These shorts rock, this polo rocks. This whole outfit rocks and it's Noah's fave color. Can't wait until Summer weather. Again I used the online codes when I ordered.
Noah's tops for Summer 2012 so far. The chillaxin and relaxin alligator in orange tee. And the Gap New York tee.
Noah's rockin' patchwork and hibiscus shorts.
3 bright stripes tees for Noah, these were a steal the price I got them. The sales not on anymore, but I'm glad I got it when I did.
Branden's shorts, baseball hat and 2 V neck tees. Remember, Branden got a lot more clothes when we were in Honolulu this past March., His Abercrombie tee, etc. So it all evens out.

V necks for Branden.
Shorts for me and a tee for me. Great for my morning walks through the neighborhood. Or treadmill time.Or just to use as comfy house shorts.
They're so cute.
Prepping for the 4th of July already. I told the boys to pick the color you wanted. Noah picked white, Branden picked navy. And I recall, the ichinensei do a Ponyo dance number for undokai every single year even Branden did that and they sent home notes where all kids need to wear a red tee. So, at only $5, picked this up also in red. Plus he can use the red all Summer also and get a whole Summer's usage from it. They'll both get a full years usage from these.
Stuff for me. Capri jeans on the right. 2 dresses left of the capris and a few other things.
This dress is just as cute in person and I love it. can't wait for the weather to get warmer.
A basic pair of jean capris. Love these.
Kind of looks hibiscus-y type of print if you look at it. It's a cute fit and with a navy or white cardi I will wear this a lot.
Ralph Lauren at DFS.
Size 7 for Noah. He'll get more usuage from it.
Bright yellow polo tee size 7 and a bright orange "big pony" baseball hat. Good basics for Noah.
A "big pony" green colored tee for Noah. Again another basic he can wear often this coming Summer.
Always balancing making sure they each end up with the same amounts. So, since Noah got 2 tees. Branden also got 2 tees. 1 beautiful aqua polo tee abd 1 "big pony" green colored tee. They had no hats Branden was fond of in his size.
We did check out the Gap in Guam.
I ended up with 2 preppy pair of Gap shorts in khaki and olive/army green. They're both good basic colors.
I own the London tee already, but in a different color, however this color was even more fantatsic. And the Gap California post card tee, mine got a teeny tiny hole in it, I am extremely careful with my clothes, so we replaced it especially since these tees were all on sale. Also picked up the Italy one! So cute.  Anyway, there you have it. Nothing really majorly exciting. Just some food from back home. And a few clothes here and there. A few toiletries for good measure and that's all folks.