Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Go and have lunch with your ichinensei day

May 17th, was "go and have lunch with your ichinensei day" at our local shogakko/elementary school. This way us as parents can see what the kids are eating in their lunches. Get to know our fellow classroom moms a bit better. And also get to spend some quality time with our kiddo at school. This was something Noah was looking forward to a great deal. See the mini Crest toothpaste in Noah's Mario cup? With surfing Snoopy yellow toothbrush. : )
Two little boys got up to speak.Also notice the alphabet also. The kids at our particular school start English class starting in the first grade. My kids really don't need to "learn" English. Since they speak it fluently and read and write it also. But they do really enjoy English class at their school. And I'm glad our school has it. : )
This was my lunch. We had exactly what the kids had. Also, the note that came a week in advance said for me to bring, my own lunch mat, which I borrowed one of Noah's. Bring my own chopsticks. Bring a mirror and a chisai towel. Reason being they were going to use the pink dental drops to look for plaque or whatnot on the kids teeth. The note also said to bring 232 yen so us adults could pay for our own lunch. Anyway I brought everything with me.
We have those red drops at our home from our dentist. The boys use those once a week anyway, they think they're fun. @_@ So the morning of the lunch and also the day we would be using the drops on our kids, I let Noah use the drops at home that morning before school.  So he got a thorough cleaning that morning. And when it came time for the drop check. He barely had a thing on there, the Yuka-sensei and my new mom friends were like "wow!" lol. Okay, so a slight cheat, I admit. But gee, we did have the drops already at the house beforehand and we do use them anyway, plus with knowing in advance thanks to the note we all got..... about the red drop dental check, no wonder I would have my son use them at home beforehand since we also have them here. Plus in my defense I do send the boys for cleanings every six months like clockwork anyway. And that red stuff really does rock and show kids where they have missed, which is why we buy it for a couple hundred yen each time we see the dentist. Plus, they sell them for cheap at local dentists around here where we live, other moms could have easily equally done the same for all I know. And it wasn't like a test test for crying out loud to begin with. They had their dental checks at the school 2 weeks beforehand anyway and both boys came out totally fine. Anyway, Noah had a great time. And so did all us parents. That blue mirror right there in the picture is my Lilo and Stitch mirror from the Daiso, I bought years ago. It sure came in handy. Anyway we had a great time together, my little ichinensei and I. I had a lot of fun with you Noah! : )