Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dark Shadows

Tuesday was cold and rainy all day and even Tuesday evening. But the plan didn't change. Both Branden and Noah did their homework, right after school.... before the movie. We all ate dinner beforehand also. Printed out the online ticket info we had and presented them to the lady when we arrived at the movies. She in turn gave us regular tickets right away. And we went in and enjoyed the movie.

We had popcorn and drinks. The movie was really good! We laughed so much! When we left the movie theater it was still raining. So we ran to the car. Got inside and went home. Everyone took showers. The boys went first with Noboru. They got their jammies on, brushed their teeth and to dreamland they went. Noah told me at breakfast the next morning, I'm so glad we went to the movies.  What I thought to myself was....I'm glad we brought the boys, it just wouldn't have been the same without them. : )  So anyway, Dark Shadows gets 2 thumbs up from us here. Definitely will make you laugh.