Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beautified...my hair appointment at the salon today

LOL, the title of this post and my stylist gets all the credit, because she's so awesome. : ) Anyway, like I mentioned last week, it was about that time for me to head to the salon once again. Haven't been there since the last week of February when I was getting my hair done for Noah's graduation.  Anyway, I called last Friday to make the appointment.

My appointment was set for today/Tuesday 10am sharp. I arrived at 9:53am but walked from my car to the building, I got there a minute or two early. Just in time, to hand them my card and sit down.

She asked me, what would I like this time.....I mentioned to her, I am now letting my hair grow out for Summer. My hair grows like a weed anyway. She totally agreed about that and we laughed. : )  Just some long layers as usual, and some, face framing layers around my face. And the super pin straight, thermal hair straighting thing I usually get. I got it cut just below the shoulders at Noah's graduation last week of Feb, about 2 inches below my shoulders so not even that short...... And now it's practically June, and it's hmm how to describe the length of my hair. Okay, if someone were wearing a tube top. (and I don't wear them for the record) anyway, it would be at the top part at the front of the tube top. So top of bra length? Not bra strap, but top of bra cup length. Top of a tube top length. Horrible description, I know. But it's definitely medium length hair. And when they straightened it today it even ended up a bit longer even, you know how hair gets a bit longer when the wave gets taken out of it. So, yeah, it's definitely growing. It's totally pin straight and just very long layers all around and face framing layers also. Think long straight, shiny, simple and extremely easy for me to take care of ( and if it gets too hot this Summer I can throw it into a ponytail or something).

She spent forever cutting my hair, making sure there was not a split end in sight, making sure everything was perfect and even. The shampoo lady and one who ran the flat iron through my hair twice during my hair straightening process, talked my ears off. : ) And it was very nice. I like the chit chat, I really do. Then a male hairstylist passed by (he must be new, I didn't recognize him but he's so nice too ) .....He said in Japanese, what are you reading? I said , "a gossip magazine." He looked and said, "hey that's Halle Berry. What are they talking about?" he asked...... I said,  she feels the paparazzi are invading her space regarding her daughter and she is upset about it. "ahh I see" he said. And then we both talked about how gorgeous Halle Berry's daughter is for a few minutes before my regular stylist came back. : )  Everyone is just so nice at the salon. They all like to chat and talk. They are all very friendly.  Plus my head got massaged and so did my shoulders.  From 10am to 1:25pm. A super long time to be there, but worth it in the long run.

Anyway, my hair is now done for Summer. Won't have to think about it now and it's going to be easy to take care of. Think I'll head back to the salon, end of August or beginning of September.