Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Annular Solar Eclipse

So, the day of the eclipse. We got ready extra fast and made sure the boys left to school earlier then usual. Dropped them off at 6:50am at the plaza (usually drop them off around 7:20am ish). Kouki-kun and little brother Kaito-kun were getting dropped off at the same exact time in the plaza. We waved and the 4 of them ran up the hill to the school. Branden and Noah apparently watched the eclipse together with Branden's friend Yuki-kun and Keita and a handful of other boys (boys from the neighborhood while at school). Also worth to mention, a good bunch had scored free eclipse glasses from the newspaper last week. Yuki-kun included. I told Branden how smart Yuki-kun was. And if I had known which paper that was, we would have done that too. And the rest shared the schools glasses and took turns with those. All grades were outside but siblings gravitated to one another and so they just kept an eye on the kids. The boys really enjoyed seeing the "Ring of Fire" it it's full glory the entire time it was in the sky. They loved it! Said it was absolutely amazing! Also now that they are practicing for undokai and the weather has heated up some, they can now bring their thermos every day now, until undokai, so they can bring their thermos until September to school. 
Our area had lots of big white fluffy clouds that morning but they rolled through quickly. And that made it even better because when the clouds were covering,  I could take a pic.
You can see the corner from the playground tarp on the bottom right hand side of this picture. I tell you it was an amazing thing to get to witness! : ) See the clouds starting to clear at top of this pic?
From about 7:05am to about 7:42am we were outside. Just enjoying. The sun looks crescent shaped in this pic, it was a bit before it completely ringed out in full glory. Our neighbor would shout to us...."isn't it beautiful?" "Yes, it is", we'd happily shout back. We could see it getting more and more aligned. And at one point, when the clouds started to clear to the point where it started to look dangerous for me to chance taking anymore pictures, Noboru suggested I put the camera away and I agreed. I'm sorry but there's just no way I was gonna chance ruining my camera. remember when I was walking a few years back and accidentally dropped it and my original point and shoot broke? @_@ Right before Noah's yochien undokai....good thing I had enough time to order this one from amazon.jp before that undokai all those years ago. Anyway.... yeah....I was afraid I would have killed this camera especially since us in Japan were viewing this in broad daylight, not at sunset. And just too risky for me. Gomen, gomen. But honestly getting to see it first hand with our own eyes and glasses of course ..... it's something we will keep in our memories for a very long time. Hope everyone that is reading this who was in the path, got the chance to enjoy it also. : )