Thursday, May 24, 2012

5th grade sewing at the local shogakko, plus planting rice and good eats that Branden’s class makes

At the start of March, it was either first week of March or last week of February, Branden brought home a huge stack of these order forms. At the time, I was busy with Noah's graduation so did not have the time to post this then, but luckily I have the time to now. I recall Branden brought them home on a Thursday and they were due the following Wednesday. That evening, Branden and I looked at them together. What are they? Sewing kits. At our particular school here in Japan, kids start sewing at the start of 5th grade and go all the way through the end of 6th grade. As you can see there are so many to choose from. I see Elmo on this top pic. And a dragon one also.
This T&C Surf is the one Branden wanted. And I agreed. But, we did go through every page and looked at each one carefully together. This one was big and I liked it had the non slip parts to open it or hold it on the sides. I also liked what came inside this particular model, so yeah he made a good choice.
They all come with basically the same thing inside, but this is what came inside Branden's.
They also have baseball sewing kits of your favorite team if that's more your style.
From the Mr. Man show. They also had Spongebob.
Soccer team. Basically not to worry, whatever you like, I am sure you could find a sewing kit that you liked best. So much to choose from. So we wrote the info in the ordering form, placed the money inside and Branden took that to school.  The last week of the 4th grade was when Branden brought his surf one home.
Start of March found me, not only labelling things for Noah and his soon to be ichinensei stuff. I also found myself in the kitchen in between coloring elephants and penguins. : ) Labelling Branden's sewing kit. We ordered this bag for Branden so he can carry his sewing kit it this, this was also available on a school order form, this bag was 300 yen, so it was afforadble. His sewing box fits in here perfectly. So when the kids go from their classroom to the sewing room, he can just carry it in here. Like a messenger type bag. And his name is on this.
Everyone had to order this. Because they will practice on these first.
Branden's sewing kit.
Nice scissors and all things inside.
Close up.
See the circle (do it this way) and the x (don't do it this way ; )
Where they will sew the buttons.
Learning to sew different types of buttons on! Go kids go! : )
Remember the muffins Branden's 4th grade class baked last November?  They have a very thorough "Home EC" at our local elementary school. They start cooking pretty young at our shogakko. By 4th grade they were all cooking and baking up a storm. Though Branden and Noah have been cooking at home with me since they were young toddlers (starting simple of course). I think it's really good for them to be also getting this at elementary school too.

Branden's class also made their own miso. I found this to be impressive. And 2 weeks ago, they made stir fried veggies. 3 weeks ago, they made salad dressing. Every week they are either whipping something up in the huge kitchen classroom that their school has or they're getting their sewing on! : )

Also, yesterday, Branden's class planted the schools rice, in the huge big rice field plots near the school. He brought home a note last Friday, saying, he needed a spare pair of clothes, with underwear also (in case someone were to fall in the field and need a full change). Sandals or Crocs, to walk to the fields from school and they all planted the rice barefoot. They also needed a chisai towel. I made sure I had it all packed up. And yesterday when I picked up Branden. He was so happy. He said how much he loved planting the rice. And that they will now care for this rice and they will eat this rice at their school when it's harvested next Fall. Just like they are eating the rice the class planted last year.The younger grades like Noah's class, are taking care of the schools vegetable garden etc. They all take turns. I really like the elementary school Branden and Noah go in the Japanese countryside, they learn a lot and not just from inside a classroom either. Lots of hands on stuff! Good school, good school. ; )