Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#2 start up the “laser!” thoughts on the Tria home laser

Okay if you haven’t seen Austin Powers then you probably didn’t get the title at all. ; ) And fwiw, I think it was actually Frau who was the one who yelled all the orders regarding the laser. ; )

Anyway.... I bought the Tria Home Laser in either December or January. I wanted to use it for a good long while versus just giving a rushed opinion on my thoughts about it. I know people asked me back when I bought it to review it and I haven’t forgotten and when I was asked to review it last night, I think I should. It’s been long enough to test it out.

To me, it feels like a handheld mini blow-dryer. Like a travel sized blow dryer. Except it is heavier then a blow dryer. Because of all the lasery things inside no doubt. Is it too heavy? No. But just something to keep in mind.

Pain factor. I like most people hate pain. And I was a bit afraid, if there would be any pain. First time, I used it, I was wincing my eyes. And nothing. I really did not feel a thing. Granted I use it on level 1, which is the weakest level. They said to start weakest and then gradually go up in levels if you want. I’m personally fine sticking at level 1. : )

I had peach fuzz on my arms, very lightly. And I have used this on my arms once a week then decreased to every 2 weeks and I no longer have any peach fuzz on my arms at all. I have also used it on my toes, you know, girls do get a few straggly hairs there also. Blech to admit. But true for many of us. Anyway, again, every week I would do my toe area and then decreased to every 2 weeks and now I have actually zero hairs on my toe area at all. So for that, I am really happy.

Time. The laser pointer part is small. Think the size of a slightly bigger M&M (plain chocolate not peanut). @_@ You know me, and my descriptions. But honestly most people know and can relate to the size, since most of us have eaten one. So, the size of the laser is small, then it beeps and you can move it to the next spot, then it beeps and then you move it to the next spot. And again and again. It is time consuming, but worth it for me personally. It is also a commitment because you won’t laser it once or twice and be done. It’s not an instant fix. So, you gotta really be there for the long haul. But yes it works.

Battery life. I read on some places the battery doesn’t last long? I disagree. I charge mine fully, say overnight. And when I sit down for about 45 minutes going over 2 arms, I could do both. And I only lost 1 bar of battery doing both arms. So, I didn’t find a short battery life at all.

I have yet to start on my legs, because I wanted to get one body part 100% out of the way first then move on to body part #2. Versus doing half way here, half way there. But you know, each person is different and they can do it all in bits each week if they wanted for sure. I will start my legs this weekend.

Am I glad I personally bought it? Yes. But you know may not be for everyone. : )

You know who’s doing the commercials for the Tria now. That actress from, Saved By the Bell and who was also on Beverly Hills 90210, the last few seasons. Tiffani Amber Thiessan. And according to Kim Kardashian also use this. It was in Instyle magazine and listed as one of her beauty must-haves.