Thursday, April 12, 2012

The weekend before the big day

So no real rushing going on here in April, since we prepped in March before we took off to Honolulu. But it was Branden who jumped in to save the day. Branden kept insisting that the clay we bought was not the right one, as I mentioned earlier. And after checking, sure enough Branden was right. Thank goodness we didn't send Noah to school with it. Branden kept saying that's the kind, that is the one that once it gets hard it can't be molded again. So the kid knew his stuff. : ) Also while swinging there getting the correct clay, also Branden mentioned, I had a clay mold plate/square, Branden had a yellow one. When we went back to the local DIY they had the same kind, and yellow so we bought that which is pictured. To make shapes and stuff with. And that was true, so I went ahead and got that also. And it turns out that was also on the list of what to buy. So the overlooked clay mold and the right clay.
They did have the donut tape. @_@ Both boys wanted it. So, what the heck. They each picked which kind of donut tape they wanted. They had whip cream, chocolate, etc, etc, they each picked mango.
The last but not least most kids have charms on their backpacks. Either you get a "good luck with your study" one from a shrine. Or the kids in our area have all sorts of charms. We have had these and I've had them tucked away for the past year. 2 crocs, in Noah's favorite colors, yellow and orange. Easter Sunday evening, we went upstairs and put them on Noah's randoseru. And went through the list had everything sitting in the genkan for the big day!