Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tropical fun in the sun in Guam (part 1)

Guam this time was as tropical and gorgeous as ever! Our family had so much fun there this time (as usual)! This pic was taken during one of our swim and beach days. We had 2 whole beach and pool days (Saturday and Sunday). Our original plan was to fly to Guam Friday, April 13th and come back Monday April 16. However, April, 12th after the boys went to school, and I was on my treadmill. We were already packed for Guam anyway. But, Noboru comes into the living room and says, "why don't we leave to Guam early? How about tonight instead?"... "that way we get a full day in Guam tomorrow rather then a half day." I thought and said, sure! So, I skyped my dad real quick and lucky for me I caught him. We had hotel reservation for April 13-16. But nothing for the 12th and everything was booked already since it was the day of. So, we asked my dad to pick us up and we would stay at his condo the first night and then the next day he';s swing us by our car rental place to get our car. My dad said sounds great. And so when the boys got out of school, they were a little surprised to say the least. We're leaving to the airport in 20 minutes. No problems they said, they went to the bathroom. Grabbed their travel backpacks and off to the airport we went. 

Waiting at the gate.
Branden watched the new Muppets Movie and Puss and Boots, even though we saw it at the movies when it came out last year ( Puss and Boots). Noah watched Puss and Boots also and Phinneas and Ferb and the Nickelodeon channel.
The new Mission Impossible movie

I saw the Descendants while going to Honolulu in March, which is interesting since it takes place there.  However it was a very good movie and I watched an hour of this while flying to Guam this trip also.
While they prepped our meals, we enjoyed our movies. I watched Twilight Breaking Dawn, just an hour of it. Then I switched to the Descendants. Noah watched a kids movies next to me.
Noah's meal, it was Korean style bbq beef, with veggies and rice. Garlic bread, salad and a side dish of chicken breast with a salad type. And some dessert, looked like flan a bit, but it wasn't but it was good. Noah enjoyed his meal so much.  So did Branden and Noboru.
I picked the chicken breast with mashed potatoes and veggies, salad and a few extra side dishes. It was excellent.
Eating my meal and enjoying Twilight. Our flight was so comfortable.
Noah watching Phinneas and Ferb.
Just switching from Twilight to the other movie, I already saw but again it's very good.
After we all ate, the boys hit the "sleep button" and off to lalaland they went. It lays flat down. I did sleep about an hour after I ate and watched something.

It was 11pm-ish when we arrived, my dad was all smiles to see us and likewise. We were not starving by any means but to wind down we decided to head to Denny's to sit for a bit and talk and catch up before heading to my dad's condo for sleep. I picked this, it was my favorite thing I ate the whole trip! Whole wheat pancakes...banana pecan whole wheat pancakes. Scrambled eggs and crisp bacon. Bliss! The boys had shared a kids meal since neither of them were too hungry and Noboru had donut holes and coffee. My dad had the same thing I did. It was so delicious!
We all slept great. Woke up around 7am-ish. My dad took us to get our rental car. My dad had a few errands to run and so we went and did our shopping, went and got that out of the way right away. So the rest of the day would be a free day for us. Our evening plan was to meet up with my dad for dinner and a movie. So to Cost u less we went. See one door is closed and one is opening in this shot. Because we were at the store right before they opened, we went in, shopped and left within 25 minutes. Went to the other Cost u less since they have different stuff. Went to 2 Payless grocery stores. And a few other shops and we were done for the day.  Time for lunch.
Noboru had a meatball and cheese sub but he always asks for so many jalepenos on there. He likes his sandwich spicy. So Noboru enjoyed his lunch a lot.
Noah had his fave...Taco Bell tacos of course and Branden had an Italian BMT and chips.
I had 2 bean and cheese burritos. That's it.
By now it was time to check into the hotel.
This was waiting on our bed! And yes, you can say that again...paradise indeed!
Gorgeous room as always!
Fridge, and coffee area and ice bucket area.
Bathroom is so big and nice!
Glass shower.
The ocean in Guam is breathtaking. The water is so crystal clear! View from our room!
Dinner time, for the 5 of us. we enjoyed a large pizza, pepperoni and mushroom and breadstsicks and drink bar. Heading to the movies after.
A little grin and one heck of a happy kid!

Eating and enjoying my mountain dew and family chatter.

 Noah enjoying his pizza!


And to see the brand new Three Stooges movie that just came out! My dad grew up watching these on TV. The boys laughed actually the entire theater laughed throughout the movie. We had a large popcorn (with a free refill) and 2 large drinks with a free refill also and we were also full from the pizza dinner we just had beforehand.
Yep as the ticket says we saw the 5:40pm showing. And after that my dad went home and we were still awake so we hit Kmart. And then after that a a few extra goodies for snacking at the hotel later that night.
A grilled chicken club sandwich for me. Snacks for the boys and Nathans dog for Noboru. And Vitamin waters for me, and juice boxes for the boys and Noboru picked a different drink every night.

A quick picture before we all had ourselves a little family picnic while watching TV. Just snacking while watching something funny on TV.  And us making sure everyone gets a turn for the shower afterwards and PJ's for all.