Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Spring cleaning

Have you started? A lot of my friends have started theirs. And I have also. It's just the time of year I guess. All of us doing the same thing.

I’m not going 100% full throttle, but I have been doing pretty well.

My house in general is pretty clean, meaning I do stay on top of the daily things and I do declutter a few times a year anyway. So, I don’t have huge amounts to do, but I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me. : (

I give myself 1 month to get all my Spring cleaning done. Because I want a thorough job, not a rush job.

My kitchen got it first last week. I mopped my floors. Did my stove and hood/venting fan area. Then I went through the food pantry. Threw anything out old, went through the fridge, did the same. And then I went through the cup cabinet. Threw out about 10 cups we didn't need. Kept the good condition ones just trashed the old ones. Washed my table cloth. Wiped all the counters and cabinets. Took the crumbs out of the toaster.

I also gutted Branden’s room. Went in there, flipped the mattress, vacuumed under there. Dusted every blind. Had Branden wipe all his baseboards down. Went through his clothes packed away all the too small clothes for Noah’s future use. Had Branden throw out all of his 4th grade notebooks and books. His room is 100% right now.

And I also gave a through cleaning to my laundry room and sink room. Wiped down the dryer and everything. Walls, baseboards.

The regular house cleaning is still going on daily. Still swooshing the toilets etc.

Noah’s bedroom is 90% done, got it done when he got his new bedroom set and desk but his closet needs a huge declutter and it’s going to be a massive job, I know it, so I am saving that for next week.

Meanwhile I am half way done with my closet right now. We have a big walk in closet in our master bedroom. And my side was starting to look all cluttery again. I just decluttered my side in December. @_@ Obviously it needed it again. So, I went through every single drawer. Everything too small, too big went away. Or unworn for 12 month went away also. No use in keeping it...if I hadn’t worn it for a full year. The drawers took me a full day. It was exhaustion city after all that. And that’s where I am at right now. The hanging part of my closet (everything on hangers)...those clothes need to be gone through also, see what's a save and what's not a save. But...I took myself a break from my closet yesterday. Since again I don’t want to go full throttle, just go at my own speed but still actually get it done and accomplished. So, I took a break from my closet yesterday. But today...I will get back onto my closet. I started this last week. And after this week finishes up, I still have 2 weeks to get the house all done. And in order. I think I’m moving along at good speeds. And I am also taking time to actually enjoy Spring break also.

I also want to say, I decluttered my hall closet. Upstairs a month ago, so it shouldn’t take too long to get that done this time around also. I'll redo the upstairs closet next week after tackling Noah's closet.

I’m seeing a light at the end of this tunnel. : )

What's for dinner tonight? Homemade pizza. The dough has been rising all day.

Branden started school today. It ended at 11am. Noah starts April 9th. It's a Spring like day outside. And in an hour I'll be driving the boys to Kumon for English and Japanese.