Thursday, April 05, 2012

Randoseru (backpacks) and entrance ceremony outfits

This pic was taken the day of Branden's entrance ceremony April 9, 2008. Grandma Mitsuko won't be able to come this time around because grandpa Kenji isn't in good health, so she needs to stay in Osaka.
Noah in the gymnasium when it was Branden's turn to start the first grade. The entire school sitting and waiting for the 6th graders to escort the new ichinensei, new first graders into the gym.
Two classes total for Branden's day. Only 1 for Noah. Both teachers standing near their classes, they'd teach for the next 2 years. The Yuka sensei standing closer to the right side, since that was Branden's class on the right.
All the boys wore dark colored suits. They looked like adorable mini salary men. : ) And the girls wearing nice dresses in different colors. Except Genki-kun. Not sure if you can see his outfit. He's standing behind the girl in the pink. To be honest, I loved what Genki wore best. It wasn't 100% traditional granted, but I definitely took notice.
They spent a pretty penny at Comme ca (I spoke to his mom after) and he looked sort of pretty cool. A pinch too casual for me, but what it did, was it gave me the idea though that it was possible that you could wear something else if you wanted.
In came Branden. Wow, those kids looked so big. Like giants to me at the time. : )
Before the kids all came in. But wanted to show the birds along the wall on the back.
A toothless Branden in parts. And his teeny tiny brother at his desk. So flash forward to 2012.
Yes, I still have the more traditional entrance ceremony outfit Branden wore. But this is Noah's new suit from Comme Ca, he'll be wearing this coming Monday. For me, personally I think Genki and his mom were on to something. Again, it's different for everyone and each of us, how you choose and decide to dress etc. But, I had started thinking since November that I wanted a lighter colored suit for Noah. But yeah Genki's mom inspired me that it was indeed okay to wear something different So, in January of this year, 2012, we went to Comme ca (they are not cheap that store, but then again neither was Branden's suit). And we found this amazing gray suit. It's exactly what we were looking for Noah. I think he looks amazing in this. He's still wearing a suit granted. But he's switching it up a bit also. And I think that's okay. And again, he's still wearing a suit.

Socks with emblem and the whole bit. Noah's ready!
In July and August we were on a hunt for Noah's randoseru/backpack. We knew we weren't going to be hunting for a black randoseru this time around. Noah wanted light brown, which we thought would be a great color of backpack for Noah also. So we knew we wanted a light brown color. And I also mentioned to Noboru, I hope to find one with argyle, Noboru thought so too. Thought it was pretty much going to be impossible, however they had a few in Japan! We finally decided on this one, after greatly debating and deciding between 2. We placed our order in September. And it was handmade especially for Noah from Osaka. It took a month and a half, nearly 2 month's. We got weekly emails from the company on the status of Noah's backpack. The color is called caramel brown.
This pic was taken in October after it arrived to our home. Looks actually better then the picture. We were so happy! A very preppy backpack!
This was the backpack Branden chose before he started the first grade. We were given a stack of backpack catalogs back then, Noah also received a stack of catalogs last Summer. And we went through them, the boys also went through them. Branden wanted black, like most of his friends were picking. So again, different personalities, different choices. And both ways are fine. After a 2 month search, Branden and we also decided on this one. It wasn't just plain black either. It had embroidered silver and blue stars and see the argyle quilting on the sides. Branden got a sweet backpack!
We even drove all the way to Chiba city just to see it in person and place our order. It was also handmade and made just for Branden and was shipped to our house a few months later, this was the floor model one. And all these years later, Branden is still in love with his randoseru. : ) And Noah loves his hand made caramel brown one.

Gearing up for our second and last entrance ceremony at elementary school for this coming Monday. Oh and Noah will be wearing the penny loafers that Branden wore to and from school this coming Monday, for his entrance ceremony. Inside the school though they'll wear their inside shoes. Onwards and upwards!!! : )